iPhone 13 leaker just tipped biggest upgrades ahead of Apple event

iPhone 13 Pro colors
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We're less than a week out from the iPhone 13's launch, but that doesn't mean the iPhone rumor mill is running dry ahead of the Apple Event. A prominent leaker has revealed more possible details about the cameras on Apple's upcoming phones, and it sounds as if improved software features will be a major focus for the new iPhones.

The tipster also claims to have details on how the 120Hz displays could work, larger batteries and pricing. 

An emphasis on camera capabilities would certainly make sense. Apple remains a reliable maker of some of the best camera phones, but it's not alone in that regard. Google and Samsung also put considerable effort into their cameras, and OnePlus has stepped up its photography game as well. If the iPhone 13 is to remain the head of the camera class, like the iPhone 12 was, Apple has it work cut out for it.

iPhone 13 camera upgrades

Based on the latest report from Max Weinbach through his PineLeaks Twitter account,  "all sensors across the board now receive at least 15% more light." We take that to mean the sensors on cameras across all four expected iPhone 13 models, though there's a chance it just refers to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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The ultrawide angle lens on the iPhone 13 is said to let in 40% more light, according to the tweet. For what it's worth, we've heard that the improved ultrawide angle lens was an iPhone 13 Pro-only feature.

The more light a camera lets in, the better quality picture you can expect, especially in lower light situations. We assume that the ability to let in more light is part of an effort by Apple to improve what the iPhone is capable of producing in the dark. 

To that end, Weinbach also tweets that an improved Night Mode will recognize when stars are in the scene, making the necessary adjustments to capture the night sky. Additionally, Apple is said to be adding a new algorithm that can adjust shadows in night time shots. Improved color scenes in Night Mode photos will also be part of the iPhone 13 improvements.

One of the previously rumored features for the iPhone 13's cameras was support for a portrait mode when shooting video. Weinbach refers to that feature as "Cinematic Video" and says that it will "also attempt to keep a subject close to the center of the frame, while also ensuring that it does not come off as unnatural." Additional effects will also be reportedly included with Cinematic Video.

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iPhone 13 battery life improvements

These camera features make up the most interesting part of Weinbach's iPhone 13 tweetstorm, but they're not the only features discussed. We also get amplification of earlier rumors that the iPhone 13 lineup will get bigger batteries — 10% larger in the case of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, which will have the same sized power pack. The iPhone 13 Pro Max battery will be 18% to 20% larger, though the power demands of a 120Hz refresh rate may cause battery life to backslide on this 6.7-inch model.

iPhone 13 mini shoppers are in for better news in terms of battery life. Weinbach claims the new mini will see its battery life improve by around an hour over the iPhone 12 mini. That's good news since skimpy battery life was that compact phone's biggest flaw.

Those bigger batteries may be the reason behind another claim in these iPhone 13 tweets — that the weight and thickness will increase over the iPhone 12 lineup, with the extra bulk being particularly noticeable on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 prices

Finally, Weinbach doesn't expect any pricing changes on the iPhone 13. That's good news amid recent rumors that chip shortages may drive up the cost of components and force Apple to boost prices over the iPhone 12 lineup. 

We won't have to wait long to see how accurate the claims in this string of tweets actually is. Apple's Sept. 14 product event gets underway at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT next Tuesday, at which point we'll see just what the iPhone 13 has to offer. In the meantime, bookmark our iPhone 13 hub for all the latest new and leaks as we get closer to launch. 

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