iPhone 13 concept is stunning — and has everything on our wish list

iPhone 13 concept design
(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

We've just seen a unique spin on what Apple's iPhone 13 could potentially look like, thanks to a new unofficial concept design. 

Created by ConceptsiPhone, this concept video is unlike everything we've seen, since most concepts aim for an unrealistic redesign that is far too futuristic. While this design is still ambitious, ConceptsiPhone managed to come up with a concept that is somewhat realistic, featuring details that are entirely possible for us to see later this year.  

We've already covered quite a handful of rumors and leaks regarding the iPhone 13 release date, price and specs, and this concept design hints at a number of those. 

Perhaps the most noticeable part of the video is the removal of Apple's now iconic notch at the top of the display. Since Apple first introduced the notch on the iPhone X, the redesign raised more than a few eyebrows. Over time, many of us have grown accustomed to the feature. 

Some earlier rumors suggested Apple will go all-in and eliminate the feature entirely and replace it with a design that resembles that of some of Samsung's smartphones. That is precisely what the concept video shows. However, the rumor speculated that this might happen no sooner than 2022.

One of the most recent leaks hints that the new iPhone may get a significantly smaller notch instead. According to the photo leak, the notch on the upcoming iPhone 13 is set to be 16.88mm wide as opposed to the 34.8mm that of its predecessor. 

A photo from Mac Otakara also made rounds on the internet, showing a considerably slimmer notch when compared a 3D-printed mockup of the iPhone 13 with the iPhone 12.

The video also shows an interesting set of features that are hard to ignore. The design suggests an in-screen fingerprint sensor as well as an always-on display. While the former is a little too unrealistic for this year's launch, the latter actually looks possible, according to some of the recent leaks. 

Referring to a well-known leaker, Max Weinbach, Apple's iPhone 13 could include an always-on display in the new smartphone line-up, and the technology could be similar to that of on Apple Watch Series 5 and later.

Another exciting part of the concept video shows a highly-anticipated 120Hz ProMotion display, which follows the previous rumors and leaks on Apple's next-gen smartphone. 

ConceptsiPhone also included other possible features, such as the addition of the A15 Bionic processor, energy-efficient LTPO displays and more details on the rear camera lenses. 

According to the creator, the Ultra-Wide-Angle lens is expected to appear in the two Pro models only and have a changed aperture (from f2.4 to f1.8) that is set to improve the camera's performance in low-light settings. The ultra-wide lens may also get an autofocus feature, which should improve its ability to capture close-up photos.

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