iPhone 13 video reveals how always-on display could work

iPhone 13/iPhone 12S concept
(Image credit: Jermaine Smit/LetsGoDigital)

The iPhone 13 could be getting a much beloved Android feature if a new rumor turns out to be true. Always-On Display (AOD), as the name suggests, displays critical information in a low-power state. It allows users to see the time, the number of missed calls or texts and other information without the display ever being fully on. 

The rumor comes from EverythingApplePro's Max Weinbach. He believes that Apple’s version of AOD would be a “toned-down lock screen.”

Weinback explained that it would have a minimal amount of customizability, showing notifications via bar and icons. Notifications would pop up as normal, but the screen wouldn't light up in turn. Instead, the display would show something similar to what we have now, though a bit dimmer and "only temporally."

It certainly sounds interesting, but it's a bit hard to conceptualize based on a verbal description. But thanks to YouTuber A Better Computer, we can better visualize what that always-on implementation might actually look like in practice. A Better Computer's concept art demonstrates a few "lazy" mock ups, as well as what an always-on screen could end up looking like when complete.

Weinbach seems to believe the iPhone 13 version of AOD will take a much more minimal approach than its Android brethren. But it's clear from A Better Computer's mock-up that Apple could be looking to make up lost time by adopting a more bold strategy going forward. 

It’s an interesting concept to be sure, but Apple has yet to give any sort of confirmation or announcement regarding what the iPhone 13 will do in terms of an AOD, or even an under-display camera, for that matter. 

There’s still plenty of time left before we start seeing any concrete information about what the new iPhone will tackle in terms of new features. But if these concept designs and predictions hold any water, we should get an impressive iteration of the iPhone in the coming months. 

Brittany Vincent

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