iOS 14.5 top feature already has a bug — what you need to know

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iOS 14.5 has finally rolled out for compatible iPhones (iPhone 6s and above) but there are still a few kinks to be ironed out apparently. Users are reporting that the App Tracking Transparency feature isn't working properly, and is completely grayed out in the settings. 

App Tracking Transparency prevents apps from keeping tabs on your activity. A number of apps track what you're up to even when you're not using them. For example, Facebook knows what you're perusing on the internet, and uses that information for targeted ads when you're back on the platform again. 

While earlier iterations of iOS 14 gives users the option to turn tracking off, iOS 14.5 allows a finer degree of control. You can turn it off completely if you don't want any apps to track your activity. If you find targeted ads somewhat useful, you can decide to grant the permission to apps on an individual basis.  

At least that's how it should go. 9to5Mac reports that iPhone users are running into issues with the App Tracking Transparency toggle disabled, and there's no way to switch it on. You can see what it looks like in the screenshot below.

iOS14.5 App Tracking Transparency

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The outlet speculates that this could be tied to the Personalized Ads option, saying that when this is turned off, "the App Tracking Transparency controls were grayed out after the update," adding "It’s unclear whether this is an expected behavior or a bug."

Speaking to sources who are in the know about the feature, the website says that App Tracking Transparency should be grayed out if the Apple ID of the device owner indicates they're younger than 18. This also goes for devices with MDM profiles that inhibit the Allow Apps to Request to Track settings. That being said, the site says that most instances in which the tracking option is grayed out fits neither of these scenarios. 

If you've been afflicted with the same problem, there's no fix yet, but it's still early days post iOS 14.5 going live, so sit tight for updates from Apple.

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