iOS 13.4 is loaded with bugs — why you should wait to upgrade

iOS 13.4 bugs
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iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 arrived this week, delivering neat features such as universal purchases for iOS and Mac apps, fresh Memoji stickers and the long-awaited cursor support feature for the iPad. But it's also brought some nasty bugs with it along the way — meaning you might want to wait a bit before upgrading.

Users have taken to Twitter with all sorts of complaints, but the good news is that Apple Support is responding to several of them.

As reported by Forbes, users around the web are discovering a variety of frustrating bugs with Apple's latest software update. This includes a nasty Bluetooth bug that causes devices to disconnect frequently, as well as external keyboards not working properly on iPad Pro.

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Other notable issues include Control Center not displaying properly, cellular networks not registering for dual SIM users and problems with updating iOS apps

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More worryingly, though, iOS 13.4 also appears to have a major VPN vulnerability. In a blog post, ProtonVPN notes that the new software has a glitch that "prevents VPNs from encrypting all traffic." This can lead to iPhone and iPad users having their data exposed when browsing the web with a VPN, as well as having their IP addresses visible for potential attacks.  

While iOS 13.4 has brought some great features to the iPhone and iPad, you should hold off on updating if you haven't yet — especially if you use a mobile VPN. Here's hoping that Apple is able to squash some of these major bugs in the coming days. 

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