GTA 6 release window may have just been leaked

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Even after last week's major (and unethical) leaks, more GTA 6 tidbits have arrived, this time in the form of a release window for one of Rockstar's most anticipated games. 

Adrian Perea, who has a rap sheet of correct predictions, including a November release for Ubisoft’s Pirate ‘em up Skull & Bones, has slated the game for a 2025 release date. 

While another three years of wait is not what many gamers will likely want to hear, this unconfirmed rumor does make sense. GTA V was a game of massive scale, so its sequel will likely be similarly, if not even more complex. It also launched GTA Online, which has developed into its own ongoing (and highly successful) game that Rockstar dedicated a lot of time to build out, somewhat bypassing the need for a sequel to the cars and crime game. 

And by 2025 both PS5 and Xbox Series X stock will almost certainly be more widely available and developers will have had ample time to figure out how to maximise the hardware, thereby making it ripe for a new GTA game. 

Overall details about GTA 6 have been scarce as to what players can expect. But numerous theories have been mooted for the game’s content, particularly as it's been some nine years since GTA V made its debut meaning there's been a lot of time for speculation as to what Rockstar's next Grand Theft Auto game could entail. 

Many (including Rockstar employees) believe the game’s story will feature a playable female protagonist. Similarly the game’s setting is unclear with some convinced a return to Vice City is inevitable, while others believe the game could even span multiple locations, including a Rio De Janiro inspired locale. 

With several years supposedly left to go before GTA 6 arrives, there's still time for the game's content and setting to evolve. But do bear in mind that leaks around the release date of GTA 6 are unconfirmed and should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

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