Google’s teasing a ‘minty fresh’ update to Google Pixel 8

google pixel 8 minty fresh color teaser
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If the Samsung Galaxy S24 doesn’t appeal to you, then you may still be mulling over a Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro. If that’s the case, then Google may have another reason for you to pick up one of its handsets — the new “Minty Fresh” coloring.

The Google Store currently features a countdown that ends this Thursday, suggesting this will be the time this new Pixel 8 phone goes on sale. The teaser suggests this will be a light green color, with waves of paint covering a blue Pixel 8 Pro.

The color looks similar to the Sage colored Pixel 6a, albeit not quite as dark. The text also says “Google Pixel 8”, despite showing a Pixel 8 Pro. This suggests that both phones may be getting a release in the brand new color. 

The Google store page also says that signing up for its mailing list means access to “20% savings on something new from Pixel”. That implies that the new Minty Fresh (or Mint Green) phone will be on sale at some point in the near future. That potentially means the phone could be $559, or $799 for the Pro model. But this isn’t confirmed right now.

We don’t expect anything about the phones to change, however. The major Pixel hardware release isn’t expected until May, with the launch of the Pixel 8a, followed by the Pixel 9 launch event in the fall. So this really is just a brand new color, and potentially some kind of discount.

Then again, the best Pixel 8 deals this month feature the Pixel 8 for $549 and the Pro for $799 from a variety of retailers. Not only do you not have to wait and see what Google has to offer, you’re guaranteed one of the existing colors at that price. That’s Hazel, Obsidian and Rose for the Pixel 8, plus Bay, Obsidian and Porcelain for the Pro.

We’ll be finding out exactly what’s going on later this week, however, when the countdown ends at 3 a.m. ET on Thursday January 25.

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