Google pulling this app from Roku devices and TVs — here’s why

Google pulling these apps from Roku devices — here’s why
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Google is taking the Google Play Movies and TV app off of Roku devices and many smart TVs this summer. Fortunately, though, the ability to watch content purchased in that app is sticking around — in a different app. That's YouTube, which already collects your purchased and rented content in the "Your movies and shows" section. 

Google made the announcement that this change will take place on July 15. The app will also get snapped off of LG, Roku, Samsung and Vizio smart TVs. And while the transition looks to not leave anyone out in the cold, there's a catch here. 

Anything you buy in the YouTube App cannot be shared as Play Family Library purchases, though previously purchased Google Play Movies and TV content will still offer that functionality. 

While this may make it seem like the Google Play Movies and TV branding is not long for this world, it will stick around. You'll find purchases on the Google Play Movies and TV site, on the iOS app of the same name and on Android TV devices as well. 

Making matters more dizzying, the Google TV app for Android and the Chromecast with Google TV will be the other way to view purchases.

Confusing, right? This feels just like the mess surrounding Google Play Music and YouTube Music, as well as YouTube Red and YouTube Premium. Liliputing posted a screenshot of Google's attempt to ease the transition: some users are being offered a gift code — redeemable only on YouTube. Speaking of credit: Google Play credits will retain their worth on YouTube.

One other annoyance: the Watchlist from Google Play Movies & TV isn't coming over to YouTube. You'll need to make playlists if you want similar functionality.

You may have content in the "Your movies and shows" section already — even if you've never purchased from Google Play Movies and TV. This is where your any content gained from the Movies Anywhere (digital copies gained by redeeming codes found in Blu-ray and DVD packaging) program is found.

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