Google Pixel Watch could copy this from the Apple Watch

Google Pixel Watch
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Update: Official Google Pixel Watch bands just leaked — here’s how they work.

The Google Pixel Watch may launch with one of the best Apple Watch design features. According to a new report, the Google smartwatch will come with a range of swappable straps, so you can pick and choose something that suits your personal style.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will launch with at least seven different strap designs. They apparently include a Milanese-style mesh band (sound familiar?), a link bracelet, a fabric band, two different kinds of leather and a stretchable band akin to Apple’s Solo Loop. 

That’s alongside a more traditional silicone band Google revealed during the Pixel Watch announcement at Google I/O last month. 

The Pixel Watch is Google’s first real attempt at creating its own smartwatch, and its overall success and ability to crack our best smartwatch list is going to hinge on people actually wanting to buy one. Offering a range of removable straps at launch plays into that, since it doesn’t lock users into any particular look or style on a given day.

If Google is going all in on customization, much as Apple has done with the Apple Watch, this could just be the beginning. Not only could Google offer more strap designs as time goes on, third-party accessory makers will likely want in on the action as well.

Unfortunately, the Pixel Watch does have a proprietary strap connector, so it may take some time for those straps to hit the market. How long depends on how proactive the accessory-makers are, and whether they’re already hard at work. 

That being said, no amount of strap design is going to sell people on a sub-par Pixel Watch. The smartwatch will live and die on its performance, and how well it actually functions as a smartwatch. We’ve already heard battery life may not last longer than a single day, though the Apple Watch 7 doesn't have the longest endurance either (18 hours).

Thankfully, we already know that the Pixel Watch offers an attractive design, and will feature fitness-tracking from Google-owned Fitbit. Both work in the Pixel Watch’s favor, to the point where one Tom’s Guide staff member is almost tempted to switch to Android.

We’ll know more when the Pixel Watch arrives later this year. We don’t know an exact date, but Google confirmed that the watch would arrive this fall alongside the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

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