Google Calendar is getting a big upgrade that will save you time

Google Calendar app on iPhone
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The Google Calendar app looks like it's getting the ability to share an event link directly within it, which should make inviting people to a meeting a much faster process. 

This new feature was flagged by AssembleDebug on Twitter (hat tip to Android Police), who demonstrated how the use of a simple share button in the Calendar app can let users invite a whole host of people without manually adding their email addresses.   

When the app update is rolled out, all you'll need to do is create an event and once done a new share button will appear letting you quickly decide who to share the event invite with. You can use the button to also share the event in multiple apps, like WhatsApp, Discord and Telegram

So this upgrade looks set to add a lot more flexibility when inviting people to events, and it also appears to bypass the sometimes clunky process of inviting people to current Google Calendar events. That usually involves typing in peoples’ emails, which unless you use a corporate G Suite or have a selection of recent contacts, means you’ll have to type out the email addresses individually; try doing that in a hurry on one of the best phones.  

I’m a big fan of Google’s productivity apps and tools, and I appreciate a lot of the interoperability between them. But I do feel that setting up events with a comprehensive invite list can be a bit clunky. So I hope this new share feature really makes things easier so I can spend less time sorting out meetings and more time actually doing them.

While the feature has yet to roll out to the general public, it does look like its arrival will be imminent. Android Police reported seeing the share feature back in March but noted it wasn’t in a functional state. It would appear that Google has made some headway and the share option will soon be ready for general use. 

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