Galaxy Z Flip leak could spell big trouble for Motorola Razr

Galaxy Z Flip
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We’re only a few weeks away from the alleged launch date of the Galaxy Z Flip, and the leaks just keep coming. Today’s batch includes a bunch of small but interesting features that already make the Z Flip look like a worthy rival to the Motorola Razr.

Max Weinbach, who somehow hasn’t run out of things to say about the Z Flip despite all the leaks he’s already provided, revealed the following information in a new series of tweets. He’s proved pretty reliable in the past, sothere's a solid chance we'll see these specs on the final model.

Firstly, there will be a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the side of the Z Flip. This is what the Galaxy Fold used, and given the difficulty of implementing flexible displays as it is, we weren’t expecting Samsung to add in its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

The cameras will be a pair of 12MP sensors: one wide, the other ultra-wide. This matches other leaks, but if the second camera is meant to be the internal selfie camera, then we have a contradiction, as other rumors have said this will be the usual 10MP sensor Samsung uses for this purpose. 

The display will be an AMOLED model made using "Samsung Ultra Thin Glass." We heard about this at the end of 2019 from another leak. While it was said at the time that this display would reduce wrinkles in the screen caused by the folding mechanism, Weinbach says there will still be a crease in the display.

The front display will not only display key information like battery and charging status, but can also be used as a viewfinder for the rear camera. Weinbach says he was told this display would be a 0.1-inch model, but he believes this was a typo and is in fact a 1-inch model. This makes a lot more sense, given the leaks and renders we’ve seen before which have shown the rectangular cutout.

Inside the Z Flip, we’re told that the processor will be the Snapdragon 855 Plus. While it isn’t the newest Snapdragon 865, the enhanced version of the 855 will still give it plenty of power. Considering that the Razr uses a less powerful Snapdragon 710, this is a good place for Samsung to press an advantage.

On the battery front, there is 15W wired charging, plus wireless and reverse wireless charging. The Galaxy Fold also used these features, so it’s good to see them return on what will hopefully be a much more usable sequel. We’re still not sure what the size of the battery in the Z Flip will be, but hopefully it will be large enough to act as a small power bank for your other wireless charging accessories.

If you would like a recap of everything we’ve heard about Samsung’s next foldable phone, then our Galaxy Z Flip rumors page has all the news and leaks that have been published so far.

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