Galaxy Fold 2 will be called Galaxy Z Fold 2, because that's not confusing at all

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 render
(Image credit: Zone of Tech)

Thanks to Galaxy Fold 2 leaks, we've got a pretty good idea of when Samsung's foldable follow-up to the original Galaxy Fold is coming and how much it's going to cost. But a new leak claims that the phone will debut under a new name.

Get ready for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

That revised name comes courtesy of a report by Sammobile, citing a reliable source. The name change would bring all of Samsung's foldable phones under the Galaxy Z brand, which was introduced earlier this year when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip.

While both are foldable phones, the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip take very different approaches. The Fold has an exterior display and opens up like a book to reveal a phablet-sized screen inside. The Z Flip — the much better reviewed of Samsung's foldables — takes a flip phone design and adds a screen reinforced by a thin layer of glass that can fold into a more compact form factor.

In a way, it makes sense for Samsung to use the same branding for its foldable phone lineup, and as Bloomberg reported back in February, the phone maker has been planning to use the Galaxy Z name on all future foldables. Still, Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a pretty cumbersome name that feels like a bunch of letters and numbers have just been strung together. Maybe sticking with Galaxy Z Fold and losing that superfluous "2" would be a more concise way of describing the new phone.

Then again, Samsung is probably eager to emphasize that this is a new and improved version of the Fold, given the troubles the original had launching last year. The updated Fold reportedly features bigger displays on both the outside and inside and improved cameras. The Galaxy Fold 2... er... Galaxy Z Fold 2 is likely to feature a Snapdragon 865 system-on-chip, along with 5G connectivity.

The latest leaks about the Galaxy Fold follow-up claim the phone will debut alongside the Galaxy Note 20 in early August but that Samsung won't ship the phone until September. When it does ship, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is expected to cost about the same as the $1,980 original.

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