Eufy’s new security cameras use AI for cross-camera tracking — here’s how it works

Eufy SoloCam S340
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Eufy has unveiled its new lineup of home security cameras, all of which feature dual cameras and the ability to stitch shots from multiple cameras together into a single clip.

The company’s new SoloCam S340, Floodlight Cam E340, Indoor Cam S350 and Video Doorbell E340 come with both wide-angle and telephoto lenses to ensure that you don’t miss anything going on around your home or in your yard.

The SoloCam S340 at the top of this article is a wireless outdoor security camera that you likely won’t need to charge since it comes with a solar panel. This solar panel can either be attached directly to the top of the camera or positioned elsewhere using an included USB-C cable. The SoloCam S340 features 3K resolution along with 360-degree, AI assisted pan and tilt functionality.

Meanwhile, Eufy’s new Floodlight Cam E340 and Indoor Cam S350 also feature 360-degree AI assisted pan and tilt. The Video Doorbell E340 boasts color night vision and adds a dedicated second 1080p camera for detecting people and packages.

AI-powered, cross-camera tracking

Eufy's AI detection in action

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Although dual cameras are a great addition to Eufy’s new line of indoor and outdoor security cameras, the new AI-powered, cross-camera tracking feature has me the most excited.

As I explained in my review of the Eufy Edge Security System last year, Eufy has already done quite a lot to eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed by notifications from its cameras. However, the AI cross-camera tracking feature should significantly limit the number of notifications you see from its cameras.

Enable AI cross-camera tracking, and Eufy’s HomeBase S380 — which locally stores all of the video captured from your cameras — will be able to merge shots from multiple cameras into a single clip. As such, you’ll only get one notification if, for instance, a cat approaches your video doorbell, walks around the side of your house and then goes into the backyard.

The HomeBase S380 already uses local AI to track events and individuals captured by Eufy’s cameras. Now, it will automatically compile shots of the same event and person and organize them chronologically into a single clip. Eufy’s cross-camera tracking feature will initially launch as a free trial, with the company expected to announce how much it will cost during the fourth quarter of this year. 

While cross-camera tracking will likely require a subscription of some kind, it’s worth noting that the company doesn’t charge anything to store clips from your cameras and to have its local BionicMind AI identify people, pets and vehicles.

All of Eufy’s new cameras are currently available on its website or via Amazon. The Indoor Cam S350 is the cheapest of the bunch at $129.99 followed by the Video Doorbell E340 at $179.99, the SoloCam S340 for $199.99 and the Floodlight Cam E340 priced at $219.99.

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