Did the new Captain America get snapped by Thanos? Here’s what Marvel says

Falcon and Winter Soldier John Walker
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Much of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has revolved around the fallout from The Blip — aka the end of Avengers: Infinity War where Thanos snapped half the population of the universe out of existence — but did new Captain America, John Walker, get dusted? 

We saw in WandaVision that Monica Rambeau got blipped, as did the titular stars of the second Disney Plus Marvel series, but whether the man who’s taken over the Captain America mantle took a 5-year vacation from existence has remained a mystery.

Editors' Note: Some spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Falcon and Winter Soldier yet. 

The actor portraying John Walker, Wyatt Russell, was curious about this too and was given quite a hilarious answer by the powers at Marvel when he enquired. Russell told CinemaBlend: “I don’t know! It’s a good question, but I have no idea. You’d have to ask Zoie (Nagelhout) or one of the producers. Every time I asked questions like that, it was like, ‘Don’t ask too many questions, Wyatt. You’re just going to get more confused.’ And I was like, ‘Alright!’”

Of course, being snapped out of existence could have quite an impact on a person’s psychological wellbeing. We saw Monica struggle to deal with the death of her mother which happened while she was blipped. Is Walker’s unstable state perhaps due to half a decade spent not existing? 

While Marvel clearly won’t give Wyatt (or the fans desperate for any scrape of information) a firm answer, reading between the lines we can likely assume that Walker was not blipped. 

In the second episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier, we learn that Walker is a decorated soldier who probably earned a fair amount of his stripes in the post-snap era. Not to mention had Walker been gone for five years it probably would have come up at some point — that feels like the sort of information you don’t hold back when meeting new people. 

The new Captain America has bigger things to worry about now than if he was blipped or not. After the super-powered Karli, leader of the Flag Smashers group, killed his partner in episode four revenge is on Walker’s mind. With just two episodes left in the series, things are definitely heating up. 

The penultimate episode The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streams exclusively on Disney Plus this Friday (April 16), with the finale following a week after on April 23. 

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