B&O's new Beoplay could be the perfect PS5 and Xbox Series X headphones

a photo of a woman using the Beoplay Portal PC PS headphones
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Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have extensive audio capabilities, with the former sporting Sony's Tempest 3D Audio technology and the latter going for Dolby Atmos. If you’ve not got a surround-sound system or one of our best soundbars, a good pair of headphones is one way to get aural joy out of the latest gaming consoles. 

One headset that’s well worth a look is the new Beoplay Portal PC PS headphones from Bang & Olufsen. Despite the name, it’s actually a sequel to the previous Beoplay Portal headphones, but this edition offers a suite of upgrades. 

Notably, the headset is now fully compatible with the PS5, PS4 and PC, whereas its predecessor was more focused on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That’s music to our ears, as the Beoplay Portal PC PS headset is priced at a hefty $499, the same price as a PS5 if you can find one (check out our PS5 restock guide). 

A photo of the Beoplay Portal PC PS headphones

(Image credit: B&O)

Forking out that chunk of cash means you get a pair of headphones that work with multiple gaming devices. Nintendo Switch and smartphone gamers will also be able to connect to the cans via Bluetooth.

Connectivity to the aforementioned Sony and Xbox consoles comes from a new 2.4GHz USB-C wireless dongle that promises a fast connection to offer low-latency audio feedback.

The reason steep price tag is also down to the Beoplay Portal PC PS being a luxury headset, complete with comprehensive active noise cancellation (ANC). While Microsoft has the Xbox Wireless Headset and Sony has the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, both for under $100, they lack ANC and aren’t as premium as the Bang & Olufsen headphones.

a photo of a woman using the Beoplay Portal PC PS

(Image credit: B&O)

The Beoplay Portal PC PS may lack an mic arm, but the headphones have a virtual mic for voice communication. On-ear touch controls let you tweak the headset's volume, and more, without covering the ear cups with a lot of buttons.

Other upgrades over the original Beoplay Portal come in the form of a boosted battery life. B&O says the Beoplay Portal PC PS will last 42 hours when connected via Bluetooth and with ANC enabled. That’s a major upgrade on the already-healthy 24 hours the older cans offered.

Finally, support for the AptX, AAC and SBC audio codecs should make the Beoplay Portal PC PS equally good for music listening as well as picking out the yelps of wildlife amidst the clanking of machines in Horizon Forbidden West.

We’ll need to test out the Beoplay Portal PC PS headphones to see if they live up to Bang & Olufsen’s claims. But if you want a gaming headset now, check out our list for the best wireless gaming headsets you can buy today.

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