Apple Watch Series 9 tipped to come in 8 colors — including pink

Apple Watch Series 8 shown on wrist
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We’re expecting the Apple Watch Series 9 to launch in September, alongside the iPhone 15 lineup. We’ve already heard a fair bit about the watch so far, but we’re likely to hear a lot more as the September Apple Event draws ever closer. This latest leak, from ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, may have revealed what colors we should expect — including pink.

According to the leaker there will be 8 different colored Apple Watch 9s on sale. Aluminum models will apparently be available in Midnight (black), Starlight (cream), Product Red, silver and pink. Stainless steel models will apparently be available in gold, graphite (dark gray) and silver.

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Presumably that pink will be actual pink, rather than a metallic rose gold, judging from the other colors the Apple Watch 9 will be reportedly available in. So if you found yourself thoroughly enjoying the Barbie movie, and want to accessorize with the extreme levels of pink you saw in the movie, Apple may have you covered.

But that’s not all ShrimpApple Pro had to say about the upcoming Apple launch slate. From an Apple Watch 9 standpoint, they noted that the design doesn’t appear to have changed — and we’ll likely be getting similar 41mm and 45mm models as before. The box may be smaller though, likely as part of Apple’s ongoing war against bulky packaging.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also said to be the same design as its predecessor, but it may also be available in titanium and black titanium hues. ShrimpApplePro also claims an iPad is coming, which is “probably iPad mini 7”, though they didn’t have any more details to share. Expect to hear more about that tablet in the coming weeks.

You can read more about what we expect to see at the Apple September event in our hub, including the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, new AirPods and new HomePod devices. We’re likely to hear something about the Apple Vision Pro as well, even if it’s not scheduled to release until early next year.

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