Apple Vision Pro memory and storage options leak — here’s what to expect

Apple Vision Pro
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When Apple announced a February 2 release date for the Apple Vision Pro earlier this week, it revealed some details about the upcoming headset — but not everything. For example, Apple's announcement said that the headset would have 256GB of onboard storage, but there was nothing about additional storage options or how much memory is onboard the new device.

A new leak may have provided us with more Apple Vision Pro details. A MacRumors report says that files discovered inside the new Xcode 15.2 release indicate the Vision Pro will ship with 16GB of RAM. Xcode, which is the program used by developers to build apps for Apple’s hardware, will also power app development in the visionOS that runs on the Apple Vision Pro.

Earlier reports has claimed the Vision Pro would offer 16GB of RAM when Apple offered Vision Pro hands-on previews last year, and that amount of memory was referenced in Vision Pro software development kits Apple released. But the company has stopped short of promising 16GB of RAM in any of its official customer-facing materials.

The company has also had little to say about on-board storage for the headset, mentioning the 256GB option in its February 2 release date announcement. Apple seemingly hinted that larger versions may be available by saying the Vision Pro “will be available starting at $3,499 with 256GB of storage.”

To the eagle-eyed observer, that’s a tell. By saying the Vision Pro will be “starting” at that price and with that storage, you'd get the impression Apple is suggesting additional storage tiers may be available for additional money.

But exactly how much storage it could ship with hasn’t been confirmed. Apple has, however, shipped software development kits that claim the Vision Pro will ship with up to 1TB of storage. 

Storage would seem to be a key detail with the Apple Vision Pro, which is being touted not only for its ability to run productivity apps but to show immersive video, including spatial video shot with iPhone 15 Pro models. Just this week, Apple talked up the extensive number of games available for the Vision Pro, including immersive spatial games. While some of those apps and videos will doubtlessly stream to the headset, you'd think others would be stored directly on the Vision Pro.

It's possible Apple hasn't discussed storage options and additional pricing because that would call attention to the fact that some models of the Vision Pro may cost more than the listed $3,499 price. And that price has already drawn its share of criticism from people who wonder if the Vision Pro is simply outside the budget of most shoppers.

With all that in mind, things should get interesting on January 19 when Apple starts taking Vision Pro pre-orders. If Apple is really offering multiple versions, you'd expect that to be revealed when customers have the option to buy the version they want. And then, perhaps, Apple to confirm exactly how much storage the Vision Pro will offer, how much RAM it’ll ship with, and yes, just how expensive its top-of-the-line option will cost.

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