Apple TV 2021 leak just revealed a new remote — and it's about time

Apple TV remote
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Rumors of a new Apple TV 2021 with a revamped remote control are gaining more traction. The latest tidbit bolsters claims that the next-gen Apple TV will get a new remote that sports changes deeper than an aesthetic tweak.

9to5Mac reports that a new Apple TV remote is in the works that could launch alongside a new Apple TV 2021. In its current form, the Siri remote boasts a glass top, aluminum back, and Touch surface. The lack of physical buttons, and fragility of the remote are bones of contention amongst some users, so a fresh iteration that drops style for substance could go down well. 

A next-gen Apple TV is thought to be launching this year, and the outlet reports that one of its sources has confirmed a new remote control is also on the way. It's apparently being developed under the codename B519. The current model's internal reference is B439, so that's quite the jump numerically. Whether or not we can take that large discrepancy as an indicator of a suite of changes, or just a few subtle tweaks, is anyone's guess. 

Further possible evidence of a new remote was unearthed by MacRumors last week. The website notes that in the latest beta of tvOS 14.5, instances of "Siri Remote" being mentioned are being replaced with "Apple TV Remote." The moniker isn't new and has been used in regions where Siri functionality isn't available on Apple TV. It could speak to Apple aligning the name across regions ahead of a new remote rollout.  

The last update the Siri Remote had was in 2017, when Apple TV 4K launched. It saw the remote control gain a gyroscope, while the Home button was highlighted by a raised white ring. If Apple has taken user feedback on board, we could see physical buttons added to the remote, and a change in materials so that it feels less like a priceless artefact and more like a simple television interface device.  

Shabana Arif

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