Apple Fitness Plus's latest workout collection looks awesome for new mothers

Apple Fitness Plus new post-pregnancy workout collection
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Apple Fitness Plus just launched a collection of workouts designed to help post-pregnancy mothers reconnect with their bodies and set some time aside to take care of themselves.

Apple’s $9.99/month workout service already offered a class collection dedicated to staying active during pregnancy, so the latest collection is a continuation of curated exercises for closing those Apple Watch rings after the baby arrives. 

Similar to the “Stay active during pregnancy” collection, the post-pregnancy collection is led by Apple Fitness Plus coaches who are mothers, including one who gave birth less than a year ago. The program is informed by both their experiences as moms and trainers as well as insights from an OB-GYN physician. 

There’s science behind the collection, which is formally called “Get back into fitness after having a baby” and features seven 10-minute sessions available now. The class types include core, strength and mindful cooldown, but have been customized to target common physical demands of stress spots of early motherhood. The collection even includes pelvic floor exercises.

As with many Fitness Plus classes, the post-pregnancy classes provide modifications that make each movement either easier or more rigorous. The movements may benefit specific actions like lifting a baby out of a crib, pushing a stroller or carrying a car seat. Call them the mechanics of motherhood, if you will. 

But motherhood isn’t just about taking care of a baby, it’s about taking care of yourself, too. According to the American Psychological Association, up to one in seven women may experience postpartum depression. Exercise isn’t a blanket fix, as postpartum depression is an extremely real and serious condition, but getting moving and setting aside time for your body’s needs is a preventative tool. Better yet, exercise promotes sleep, relieves stress and boosts energy, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day of movement. 

The collection's introductory video as well as each of the seven classes includes an important disclaimer for new mothers looking to work out. It encourages a check-in with with your doctor to make sure you're cleared for physical activity after giving birth.

I can't speak from experience as a mother, but I do know that I'm my best self when I'm getting active each day, even if it I only have a little bit of time to do it. Perhaps when you baby is down for a nap and you have one of the best baby monitors set up, you can take 10 minutes to strengthen your core or stretch your tight spots. And if you need to get outside, Time to Walk or Time to Run in Apple Fitness Plus while pushing a stroller is totally plausible. 

Apple Fitness Plus requires an Apple Watch, so if you don't have one already, see our guides to the best Apple Watch for you and the best Apple Watch deals right now.

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