New iPhone 11 Color Just Leaked Along with Specs

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max
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Apple may add a splash of new color to its iPhone lineup if a new leaked email about the company's iPhone 11 plans proves to be accurate.

AnTuTu (via BGR), a Hong Kong-based benchmarking site, published an email from an ex-Foxconn employee that revealed some interesting details about the iPhone 11. Foxconn, in case you are unaware, is the Taiwanese company that actually manufactures the iPhones at its Chinese factory complex, based on Apple’s designs.

It's not uncommon for leaks about the next iPhone to come out of Apple's supply chain in Asia, where the people in the know seem to be a lot more willing to chat about the secret details of upcoming products than their counterparts in Europe and the Americas. 

According to AnTuTu's anonymous source, the new iPhone will be available in four colors: black, white, gold and also dark green. The latter would be a completely fresh color option for the iPhone. The glass back of the phones has reportedly been given a matte texture instead of the previous glossy one (previously suggested by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo), and the "iPhone" logo on the back has been removed.

The top version of the iPhone 11 series, which will either be the iPhone 11 Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max depending on who you believe, has an upgraded battery too — a 3,969 mAh power pack versus the 3,174 mAh battery found in the iPhone XS Max. When we tested the XS Max last year, it lasted 10 hours, 38 minutes on our battery test, a result other flagship devices from Samsung and Huawei surpass. 

Sadly, the leak claims the charging system and the Lightning port won't change on the new iPhones. That means that the iPhone 11 likely won’t charge any faster than the iPhone XS, and you’ll still need a dongle to use any of your USB-C accessories. 

Storage capacity looks unchanged on the new phones as well. The leak claims the iPhone 11 will come in 64GB, 256GB or 512GB capacities.

All of these claims at least sound reasonable, even if we're unsure of how reliable this mystery email actually is. The fact that very little is actually changing between this generation of iPhone and last year's models lines up with other rumors about Apple's iPhone 11 plans; it's also one of the reasons so many people are looking past next month's iPhone release and ahead to the far more exciting-sounding iPhone 12.

In the meantime, if you want to know everything that we know about the upcoming Apple smartphone, our regularly updated iPhone 11 rumor roundup can keep you informed about the latest news and leaks.

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