Android TV Shop is the new way to buy and rent TV and movies — here’s where to find it

Android TV Shop tab
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Android TV may be a bit outdated, but it’s still a great smart TV interface and now, Google is making it even better.

Google announced that it’s bringing a brand-new Shop tab to Android TV. This Shop Tab is effectively replacing the old Google Play Movie and TV app that you may remember from your Android smartphone.

The purpose of the Shop tab is two-fold. First and foremost, it’s a hub for all the latest movies available to purchase via video on demand. But it’s not just movies on offer from Google. The Shop tab will pull movies available to you from all your connected streaming services and Google TV so any movie you could possibly rent or buy is available in the same location. 

Google says that the Shop tab will begin rolling out on Android TV devices over the next few weeks.

And it does the same for content you already own as well. Any purchases made on your Google account will show up in the Your Library section of your Shop tab. This includes any purchases made on YouTube, Google TV and Android TV devices as well as the Google TV mobile app. From the Shop tab, you can then start watching these movies in your library with just the click of a button.

Android TV isn’t the only place you’ll see a Shop tab either. The Google TV app on Android phones and tablets also has a Shop tab, where you can buy or rent the latest movies or download ones you already own to watch in your free time.

Google says that the Shop tab will begin rolling out on Android TV devices over the next few weeks. The feature will be available globally in addition to the U.S., though Google says that some features may not be available in all countries or languages. 

If you need to find it on Android TV, it’ll be right next to your Home tab. On the Google TV mobile app, it’s next to your For You tab.

Where is the Shop tab on Google TV? 

Google TV new user interface

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One place that Google hasn’t said that the Shop tab will appear is on Google TV. This is the newer smart TV interface from Google which is slowly replacing Android TV. 

While both Android TV and Google TV operate on the Android TV OS and will get updates via Android TV OS 14, they don’t share the same user interface or all the same features. And Google TV was conspicuously absent from Google’s announcement, which specifically mentioned the Android TV and the Google TV app for mobile.

My guess is that Google is saving the feature for later on Google TV. It just redesigned the Google TV home screen back in February, and probably doesn’t want to change things just yet. If the Shop tab becomes a hit with Android TV users, expect it to eventually come to Google’s premier smart TV platform. 

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