‘Loverwatch’ is the Overwatch 2 dating sim you didn’t know you needed

Mercy screenshot from Loverwatch
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If you love Overwatch, you need to know how to play Loverwatch this Valentine’s Day. Unbelievably Blizzard has made a free dating sim style game for Overwatch fans to thank Mercy for all the heals or finally get Genji to commit, not to the objective, but to love. It won't get you to Grandmaster rank but it might just make you feel warm and mushy inside. 

Completing the game (which doesn’t take long) will even earn you some rewards to use in Overwatch 2. Remember, heroes may never die but they do have feelings, so be nice.

Note: Having seen pretty much everything the game has to offer for research purposes (of course), there is nothing creepy or NSFW in it, so don't worry!

How to Play Loverwatch  

1. Visit https://loverwatch.gg/en-us

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2. To earn the Overwatch 2 rewards, you'll want to sign in to Battlenet. Select Account and then Log in.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

3. Once the game has loaded, Select New Game.

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4. Select the character you wish to go on a date with, either Mercy or Genji.  

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5. Select dialog options as the story progresses to win your date over. You will accompany Mercy or Genji across three different dates and must impress them through your Overwatch knowledge and charm. 

(Image credit: Blizzard)

6.  After your dates, go to the main menu and select Rewards to claim your Overwatch 2 items. 

(Image credit: Blizzard)

All done, how did your dates go? Make sure to get both endings and then select new game for a nice little secret ending. 

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