I'm a gardening writer, and these $11 gardening gloves are my new go-to

Gardening gloves with fashion and function

Pruning roses wearing Woheer Womne's Gardening Gloves
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Attractive and practical, these Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves are perfect for everyday gardening tasks. Whether you are weeding, pruning or planting, they provide a comfortable fit and protect your hands from sharp thorns.


  • +

    Attractive designs

  • +

    Comfortable fit

  • +

    Part leather construction

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  • +

    Good price

  • +

    Multiple designs


  • -

    May not be suitable for heavy work

  • -

    Not great when wet

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If you’re a keen gardener, you’ve probably got a few pairs of the best gardening gloves for different tasks. When dealing with seeds or small transplants, you’ll want something thin and lightweight to handle delicate small items, or you may prefer to go au naturale. Whereas, when it comes to heavier work, such as landscaping, you’ll seek greater protection to keep your hands safe from sharp and rough surfaces. 

However, for everyday gardening tasks such as planting, weeding, mulching, and pruning, a midweight gardening glove will be best, and it’s the type of glove I wear the most. That’s why I enjoyed testing the Woheer’s Women’s Gardening Gloves — they proved to be a good fit for most gardening tasks.  

Here's how I got on when using the gloves for several weeks in my garden.

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves: Price and availability

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves

(Image credit: Future)

You can buy the Woheer Womens’ Gardening Gloves that I tested for $10.99 at Amazon. There are 11 pattern styles to choose from, with prices ranging from $10.99 to $16.99 depending on the design you select. All are available in medium and large sizes.   

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves: Design

Why not blend in with your surroundings when you’re in the garden with a pair of floral-designed gardening gloves? Although they might appear decorative, they don’t fall short on practical elements. The outer part of the glove consists of a lightweight microfiber fabric, while the reverse side is soft leather, giving your hands added protection. The combination of both materials makes for a stretchy and flexible glove, ensuring there is no stiffness or restrictive movement when working. They also feature elasticated cuffs, which means you don’t need to fiddle around securing tricky fastenings. 

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves: Performance and functionality

Showing elasticated cuff on Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves

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I've used many different gardening gloves in my time and have been disappointed with those highly rated or endorsed by professional garden bodies. However, this pair impressed me with their overall performance at everyday gardening tasks. 

Weeding is one job that can be tough on gloves. A pair I recently tried started to disintegrate at the fingertips after just one weeding session. They disliked the task even more than me! However, the Woheer gloves could withstand me weeding between patio slabs and my flower beds. 

They were also comfortable to wear when planting, as I had enough flexibility to move without feeling I was wearing a boxing glove. The same was true when using gardening tools. Using gardening shears requires a degree of dexterity, and again, there was no restriction in movement. The gloves felt ergonomic and soft to wear, making it easy to gain a firm hold on whatever gardening tool I was using.

I was also able to deadhead roses without getting scratched by thorns, however, if you are reaching further into a shrub to prune it, I’d recommend using a pair of gauntlet gloves to protect your arms.  

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves: Fit and comfort

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves with hands stretching gloves

(Image credit: Future)

The gloves were easy to slide on, and I liked that they have an elasticated cuff rather than a fastening, which can sometimes be tricky to close. Although some dirt got inside the cuffs, it wasn’t an issue, and it was more to do with my small wrists. 

The gloves are available in medium and large sizes. My hands are small, but I was comfortable wearing a medium pair. Most reviews say that the gloves fit well, with a few saying they come up small. I think they are pretty much spot on. 

The back of the glove is composed of a soft, stretchy, lightweight, and breathable fabric. The stretch improves the gloves’ flexibility, giving you unrestricted movement. This allows you to hold and use garden tools with ease. For instance, heavy-weight gloves can be a hindrance when you have to bend your hand to use pruning shears. 

The material is also sweat-absorbent, so there’s no risk of getting sweaty hands after spending a few hours in the yard.

The underside of leather is thick enough to protect your hands from small thorns and sharp objects, although it’s not thick enough for heavy-duty tasks. So, you’ll need to invest in something more heavy-duty for landscaping.

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves: Should you buy?

Woheer Women's Gardening Gloves

(Image credit: Future)

These Woheer Women’s Gardening Gloves are worth a purchase. They are inexpensive gloves with a wide choice of design styles, making them ideal for gifting — Mother’s Day, birthdays or just because you can. 

They are also a good all-rounder and could soon become your gardening best friend or your best friend's birthday gift.

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