This weeding tool has rid my yard of dandelions — and it's under $20

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Has anyone ever admitted to enjoying weeding? It’s a chore that has to be done if you want a successful garden where your plants aren’t robbed of vital nutrients and water. Weeds have a crafty habit of invading even the tidiest of outdoor spaces, so they still appear no matter how much you keep on top of the task.

Weeding is a back-breaking job, made more difficult by the difficulty of removing the entire weed — roots in all! So, although you’ve spent time fighting off the weeds, they are often prone to growing back again.

This is where my game-changing garden tool comes in. 

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I've been using the Burgon & Ball dandelion weeding tool since last fall, and it has been a game-changer. It's not just another tool in my shed, it's become one of my favourites. With its reliable and sturdy design, it takes the hassle out of weeding, making the task much more manageable.  

In the past, I’ve dug up weeds with a small garden trowel or fork, using what was in my tool shed rather than investing in a proper weeding tool — little did I know what mistake I was making!

The main focus on weeding is to remove every single part of the plant. If you leave even a scrap of root behind it’s likely to regrow. So, to keep on top of your weeds and prevent them from returning, you need to be using the best tool for the job. 

Burgon & Ball Stainless Steel Dandelion Weeder: $19.72 @ Amazon

Burgon & Ball Stainless Steel Dandelion Weeder: $19.72 @ Amazon
This wooden-handled dandelion weeder helps remove weeds without chemicals. The sharp point penetrates deep into the ground, while the notched V-shaped tip prises out deep roots to remove the whole weed. This weeder is also endorsed by the RHS.

Dandelions and a whole lot more

Although this weeding tool is designed with dandelions in mind, as its main purpose is to remove tap roots, it can also be used to remove other weeds. I find the V-shaped, pointed tip is perfect for gripping the base of smaller weeds to remove them from the soil. 

What are tap-rooted weeds?
Tap roots are thick and dive deep into the soil, where they absorb water and nutrients.

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But is also does a grand job removing dandelions. Dandelions are mainly found in lawns, so if you want a neat carpet of green, you’ll be keen to discover how to get rid of them, especially since these bright yellow weeds have a habit of multiplying.

Why dandelions thrive
Unfortunately, dandelions aren’t picky about their growing conditions and can thrive in any soil or climate. They are most visible in May and June, although they flower through to October. On average, each plant can produce 10 flower heads, each containing 150-200 florets. Each floret produces one seed, meaning a single plant has the potential to produce up to 2,000 seeds. So, if you don’t keep on top of weeding your dandelions from your lawn, that’s a lot of possible plants in the making.

Design and materials

The dandelion weeder is made of a combination of rust-resistant stainless steel, ideal when using the tool in wet conditions, and has a FSC certified hardwood handle. The shaped handle is particularly comfortable and feels like a good solid tool when in your hand. It weighs 6oz and is 14 inches long, it also has a handy cord for hanging the tool in your shed to keep everything tidy, although I removed this on mine.

My only criticism is that it can be hard to spot because the handle is a natural color. I have a tendency to leave tools around my garden, and unless they’ve got a brightly colored handle, they seem to disappear! Despite this, I do like the traditional look of the tool and that it is plastic-free. 

Keeping it clean

Naturally, garden tools have a tendency to get dirty. There’s no way of keeping a garden implement clean when you’re working with soil and wet conditions. However, I found the dandelion weeder easy to clean, and after a few months of dirty work, mine still looks new.  

To keep it in good condition I brush off dirt and debris before wiping off any remaining dirt with a cloth after each use. I then store the clean and dry tool in my shed. 

Is the Burgon & Ball dandelion weeder worth it? 

It doesn’t just get a green-fingered thumbs up from me; the Royal Horticultural Society also endorses it. This garden weeder is a real alternative to using weed killers and chemicals in your garden and is a well-made, elegant tool available for under $20. It works particularly well at removing weeds with long roots but can also be used for smaller weeds. And if you are worried about its longevity, it comes with a convincing lifetime guarantee. 

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