Ring's newest camera can look up, down and rotate for 360° of coverage

Ring Pan Tilt motorized camera on shelf with Ring app controlling it
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Ring is catching up to the competition. While rivals like Eufy and Wyze have made security cameras that can pan and tilt, Ring's just-announced Pan-Tilt Indoor cam is a first for the major smart home DIY security system manufacturer. Ring's Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam is still exciting since Ring makes some of the best security cameras we've tested. Plus, it has a manual privacy cover that turns off audio and video when placed over the camera lens for complete peace of mind.

The camera sits atop a motorized base that can tilt the camera vertically 169° up or down or pan a full 360° left or right. You can control the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam using touchscreen controls within the Ring app. Simplified directional arrows let you point the HD camera up, down, or to the sides. You'll be able to easily make out details even at night thanks to color night vision. 

Woman uses Ring app to control Ring Pan Tilt Indoor Cam

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Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam in either Black or White is available for pre-order today at $79.99 on Ring.com and Amazon.com and will start shipping out on May 30, 2024. Both the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam and Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) will be available in Ring’s new colors Blush, Charcoal, and Starlight soon. 

You can expect the standard Ring security camera fare including Live View, Two-Way Talk, and real-time motion alerts. That's a double-edged sword—like other Ring cameras you'll also need a subscription — which starts at $4.99/month — to store video clips, get smart subject notifications, and automate Home & Away modes. 

Remember that Ring's cameras don't support local storage and require you to pay a subscription fee to save video clips. That'll be a serious challenge to compete against our current favorite pan tilt camera, the Eufy S350 Indoor Cam. In our Eufy S350 review we praised the rich 4K picture, local storage, and free AI smart alerts with snappy response times. However, we did note that the lack of color night vision was a bummer. I'm eager to put the two pan tilt cameras head-to-head whenever we get our hands on the newest Ring model, to see how it stacks up against one of the best home security cameras.

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