Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro review: everything you need, except a thorough clean

Though it has plenty of great little features, this Vactidy vacuum doesn't quite get the job done

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro review
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro has almost everything I want in a vacuum cleaner except the most important part — a good suction. It has some clever little features like the ability to extend and shorten the tube in an instant, and it can even be turned into a small handheld vacuum for getting into those hard-to-reach areas but doesn't have the power or battery for a heavy-duty clean.


  • +

    Super easy to use

  • +

    A smart design

  • +

    Good price


  • -

    Weak suction

  • -

    Small battery

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Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro specs

Bin volume: 0.5L
Suction power: Up to 35Kpa
Cleaning modes: 2 (Eco, Max)
Max runtime: up to 45 minutes (in Eco mode)
No. of tools: 3
Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.8 x 4.2 inches  (l x w x h)
Weight: 6.6 pounds

Cordless vacuums often sit in a bit of a tough space. With so many options out there, the competition for the best vacuum cleaner is fierce, yet some can struggle to find the right balance between light enough to carry around and strong enough to get all that dirt up. The Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro thrives in the first category but flounders in the second.

Despite this central flaw, there are households that will get the right use out of its many smart features, great look, and extra tools. You want a cordless vacuum that can be made handheld in a second? The V9 Pro has you covered. You want something you can easily hang on your wall and swap between tools with just a few button presses? You've got that too. You want something particularly heavy-duty to use on a lot of carpet? Maybe there's a better choice for you out there. 

The price is pretty good though and it has more than enough features to work for the right type of person. 

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro

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Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro Review: Price and Availability

Coming in at $219, the Blitz V9 Pro, despite the "Pro" part of its name, fits in the more budget-oriented section of the vacuum market. Curiously, it is a bit cheaper in the U.K. at just £99 — a much more appropriate price. The standard V9 is a similar affair at $199 with less suction power and fewer extras. 

Despite being available to purchase on Vactidy's site, the V9 Pro has been made unavailable on Amazon since I've started using it. I have not been able to figure out why or when it will be back in stock. Shipping can take anywhere from two to five business days and comes with a one-year warranty on "the main body", according to Vactidy's website. 

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro

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Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro Review: First Impressions

The unboxing and setup process for Vactidy's most premium model is straightforward and easy. Everything is covered in plastic with individual sections for each of the main components. This makes for not only an annoying cleanup but also makes the box itself not very sustainable. Despite this, everything is well organized and the manual comes with images showing off every item and how to put the vacuum cleaner together. Just click in a few parts and you are ready to go.

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro

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The V9 Pro comes with a cheap but fairly good rack you can mount on the wall and place not only the vacuum but all its components on as well. It doesn't incorporate the charger as I might like, instead draping over it and plugging into the battery but it can look pretty tidy in the right space. 

Getting everything set up and ready to go is easy to understand with diagrams explaining every step. It comes with a HEPA filter on the top of the bin itself, which you can change out every now and then with the spare that comes in the box. You don't need to buy any new filters initially, with the manual instructing you to wash one out and use the other while the first one dries. Vactidy does recommend picking up an entirely new filter every few months but this is the only real added expense.

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro

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Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro Review: Design

Coming in a striking green-and-black theme, the V9 Pro can pick up some dust on its frame but never enough to ruin what is otherwise a pretty great look. The bin is small at just 0.5L (17fl oz) but it is very easy to open. It doesn't have a bag system and can be emptied by just flicking a switch at the bottom of the bin. If you can't get all the dust out, you can take the bin off the vacuum itself and pop the top off by twisting it. This allows you to entirely take the bin apart and even wash and dry it if you happen to get anything particularly gross in there. 

The brush bar tool's brush section can be detached by flicking a button, which makes removing any hair super easy. The bar itself, in between the battery and the nozzle, can be adjusted based on needs by simply pushing it up and down. It's all incredibly easy and means you can go from cleaning the skirting boards to the ceiling without even having to turn it off. The vacuum can stand without needing to be placed against anything, though the included rack helps to keep it off the floor and tidy. 

The light at the front of the vacuum can be used to highlight parts of your floor to look for dust; this is particularly good when getting under desks and tables. 

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro Review: Performance

On hardwood floors, ceilings, baseboards, and surfaces, the Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro performs very well, easily getting dust and dirt. The max suction of 30KPa is more than enough to easily pick up anything in front of it. Unfortunately, the lack of any special suction features means that low pile carpets take more than just a single passthrough to get up all the dirt I would like. 

I often found myself slowing down or just holding the vacuum over a patch to make sure it got everything. On paper, the suction in this vacuum is pretty decent but other vacuums out there use clever tech like the ability to focus suction in tougher areas to make up for their lack of power. The V9 Pro doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve.

At full charge, Eco mode (the initial vacuum mode when you turn it on) gives about 45 minutes of use before going dead. To clean my carpets, and another set of carpets I tested out, it needed to be put into Max mode, which gives you under 20. This means I had to stop cleaning my apartment, to charge it up, then finish it off later on. Taking four hours to charge up again, I have to strategically get certain rooms while vacuuming, to give me time to wait for it to charge and finish off later. It does run relatively quietly, at under 70db, and can be put into handheld mode very quickly — a nice touch on a mediocre vacuum. 

Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro Review: How it Compares

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro is a cheaper choice at around the $150 mark and offers pretty much the same group of design choices. It can't stand on its own and doesn't come with a storage solution, but offers a similar power in a lighter package at a better price point. If you are looking for a cheap cordless vacuum, this is a smarter choice than Vactidy's offering. 

Alternatively, the Proscenic P12 is a very similar vacuum with almost the same suction power, runtime, and size. It has lights on the bottom for finding dust more easily and even has a HEPA filter on the top to catch dust. It has an extra sponge filter to catch more dust, and it even has a smart system in the handle to tell you when the brush is clogged, resulting in some quick troubleshooting when you're moving around the house. Available from a base price of $199, it is regularly on sale for around half of that. 

Though the previous choices are all similar and at around the same price, the Shark Detect Pro Cordless vacuum is a much better option at $379.99, if you can afford to bump up your budget a little. It has a bunch of very cool design features, like the ability to automatically swap suction power based on floor type and how close it is to corners and walls, It can even self-empty in the included base for easy clean up.

Shark Cordless Detect Pro on its auto-emptying charging station

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Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro Review: Bottom line

The Vactidy Blitz V9 Pro is a flashy vacuum, with some extra tools, a light at the bottom to illuminate dust, and it can be swapped to a smaller cleaner with just a few adjustments. However, in return for all these features, you get a suction power that needs multiple attempts at a floor to get it to a passable state, and a battery life that is light enough to run out in a single clean of my, admittedly pretty small apartment. 

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