NYT Strands today — hints, spangram and answers for game #60 (Thursday, May 2, 2024)

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Need a bit of help with NYT Strands today? A rather clever theme from the NYT had me marching off in the wrong direction after my first word fit a wholly different definition of 'line', but I got there in the end.

Below, we've compiled some useful hints for Strands #60, as well as the answers, should it come to that. We'll start off with some clues, before building up to the full answer for Strands #60, so read on if you need a little help.

Warning: Spoilers lie ahead for Strands #60.  

Today's NYT Strands answer — Today's theme and hints

The official theme for NYT Strands #60 is... "What's my line?".

And here's an unofficial hint from me: Pattern matching.

If you're still in the dark, here are some useful words to give you those valuable clue tokens:

  • FUNK
  • RANK

Still struggling? The spangram will give you a hint about the connection word. Today, it starts with 'S' and ends with 'D'.

Scroll down to find out what it is...


Today's Strands answers

So, what are today's Strands answers for game #60?

Drumroll, please...


Strands #60

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...and the spangram was STRIPED.

Clues used: 0.



Hi Strands fans. Kudos to the NYT puzzle setter on this one. I suspect it's no accident that the theme - "What's my line?" - could mean two different things if you pick CLOWNFISH first. 

As it's the word spelled along the top, that's exactly what I did. And my immediate thought was that "line" referred to a fishing line, so I went off looking for other kinds of fish to catch.

It was only when I spotted SKUNK nearby that I realised that "line" referred to the stripes on a clownfish, not the line it might be caught on! 

With that in place, I quickly spotted STRIPED as the spangram, going from left to right across the board, and the race was on to find other stripey critters.

BUMBLEBEE neatly finished the top segment, and I realized that the stray 'Z' belonged to ZEBRA. CHIPMUNK was spelled out neatly below that, and then it was just a case of working backwards through REGIT to spell TIGER and complete the puzzle.

Yesterday's Strands answers

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