Adventurers assemble! LEGO is making a Dungeons & Dragons set with its own playable quest

The LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set
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LEGO has announced a new partnership with Wizards of the Coast to create a Dungeons & Dragons set equipped with its own playable D&D adventure. The latest set comes perfectly timed with the beloved pen-and-paper RPG's 50th anniversary. 

The set, Red Dragon's Tale, will cost $359.99. However, considering its massive size—3,745 pieces in total—it falls within the expected price range for such a grand LEGO set. 

What makes this LEGO set stand out from others is the included D&D adventure. The Wizards of the Coast team developed a complete adventure to support it, which is quite different from anything we've seen from the brick-building company in the past. 

LEGO turned to fans to design the set, ultimately landing on the one offered by 32-year-old LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons fan Chris Yu. It features various characters and creatures from the D&D world, including an Orc Rogue, Gnome Fighter, Elf Wizard, and Dwarf Cleric mini-figures. Brick-built monsters, such as a beholder, an owlbear, and a displacer beast, are also included. LEGO also included the giant Cinderhowl red dragon and an iconic 20-sided die. It's like a D&D greatest hits in LEGO form.

It's not a small LEGO set by any means, measuring 19 x 15 x 12 inches. Between the fanciful dragon and detailed building, there's a lot to take in with this set.

For fans of Dungeons & Dragons YouTube playthroughs, LEGO is hosting one on April 6 at noon EDT. Anjali Bhimani will be the dungeon master, and Luis Carazo, Ginny Di, fan designer Lucas Bolt, and LEGO Designer Jordan Scott will be the players.

A D&D mimic in LEGO bricks

(Image credit: LEGO)

As an avid D&D player, I would love to see the worlds I create in my mind built out in 3D with LEGO. Sure, this particular set is a bit on the expensive side, but the fun it brings could be worth it. The written D&D adventures and maps do a good job of bringing these imaginary worlds to life, there's something different about seeing them in 3D.

The set (and its D&D adventure) will launch for LEGO Insiders on April 1, 2024, and for the general public on April 4. Those who get in to purchase between April 1 and April 7 will get a bonus mimic dice box with their purchase.

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