CES 2024 will see AI in everything from robots to laptops — here's what to expect

LG created a cute bot
(Image credit: LG)

Artificial intelligence fever will be everywhere at CES this year with the technology appearing in everything from smart home products to laptops and robots.

The past twelve months have seen an explosion in the use of generative AI models, from Google’s Gemini to OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4. These have been used to power chatbots, image generators and even office products but at CES AI will enter the real world.

Intel has already announced its AI-heavy Meteor Lake chips, Samsung is adding AI to the Galaxy S24 series and companies like Snap, Walmart and Qualcomm are expected to make bigger moves in the AI space with keynotes at the event.

One of the big product areas for AI will be in accessibility, including smart glasses for the visually impaired using AI Vision models like GPT-4V or Gemini Ultra. We will also see robots capable of making decisions independently and chatbots in cars.

What to expect from AI at CES 2024

I’ve already been sent details of robots that can handle food, grills with AI that can monitor cooking time and another AI tool that can learn your signature. Here are some of what I’m either predicting or have already been told about for CES 2024.

Smart home AI at CES 2024

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex AI Refrigerator in kitchen

(Image credit: Samsung)

Almost every smart home company will have some degree of AI in their products over the coming year. At CES we will see everything from simple tools to monitor cooking times through to home agents capable of connecting devices.

Ahead of the event, LG has already unveiled its cute two-legged AI robot that can walk around the home and act as an all-around independent household manager.

A mini butler for the 21st century that controls appliances, connects devices and lends a hand in supporting smart tech. The agent also has sensors and cameras that it can use to take care of pets, detect unusual activities and send alerts to owners when they're not home.

Other AI smart home announcements

LG has also revealed an AI powered washer-dryer combo that can wash and dry clothes in under two hours using 60 percent less energy that others. It uses AI to detect fabric texture, soil level and load size and selects the optimal motions.

Samsung is also adding AI to everything from refrigerators to cooktops. This includes a AI family hub refrigerator that uses AI vision to monitor how much you have of any item and whether you need to go grocery shopping.

There will also be smart televisions with built-in AI chatbots, mind-reading headsets and a smart lamp that uses AI to check for falls and monitor the health of residents.

Computing with AI at CES 2024

Windows Copilot key

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Intel and Qualcomm both have keynotes at CES where they’ll expand on efforts to put AI into everything they make. There are also updates from AMD and others.

Announced in December, Intel's Meteor Lake chips bring neural processing units to a new wave of Windows AI laptops. These allow for large language models like OpenAI's GPT-4 or Microsoft Copilot to run on the device and not just in the cloud.

AMD has dropped its "Hawk Line" of laptop CPUs that are also loaded with AI features. The features include software to boost AI performance by 1.6x when running Llama 2 or other vision models.

On top of a new lineup of AI-powered laptops and Qualcomm chips that can run large language models on a phone, Microsoft has also announced the first Windows keyboard update in 30 years — a Copilot key.

AI Robots at CES 2024

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

(Image credit: Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo)

Robots are a big draw at any tech show, as they're a physical representation of artificial intelligence. This year we’re starting to see robots with large language and vision AI models integrated into their systems for a deeper understanding of the world.

We’ve already had details of the mini LG robot that keeps your house in order, watch your pets and even boost your mood, and a number of companies will be unveiling healthcare and assistive technology bots that have smiling faces to improve elderly care.

One of the robots on display will be a handwriting bot from a company called Handwrytten. It learns your signature and handwriting style through AI, then writes out greeting cards on your behalf to send to loved ones.

Aside from the next generation robots, there will also be new takes on the robot vacuum and mop. Among them is a Jet Bot Combo from Samsung that uses on-board AI to handle object avoidance and find stains.

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