This fantasy action show is climbing the Netflix top 10 — and it’s 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Heron (voiced by Derek Phillips) in Blood of Zeus animated series on Netflix
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The Netflix top 10 changes quite regularly, with some low-rated movies and shows even making their way onto the podium to steal a little spotlight. “Mother of the Bride” recently grabbed the No.1 spot, but that doesn’t mean it's worth watching. However, most of the time, the list holds some great streamable content everyone should experience. 

One example includes the animated series “Blood of Zeus”, which has secured eighth place in the top 10 and has earned an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes. Although it’s near the bottom of the list, it has slowly surpassed other shows like “Evil” and “Kevin Hart: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor”. Since the second season was released just a few days ago, this hit series will only keep climbing.  

Have you seen “Blood of Zeus” pop up on the best streaming service, but don’t know whether to watch it? We can help by delving into the plot of this show and revealing what critics are saying.  

What is 'Blood of Zeus' about?

“Blood of Zeus” is an adult animated fantasy series that takes place in mythical ancient Greece. It focuses on Heron (voiced by Derek Phillips), an original demigod who is the son of Zeus (voiced by Jason O'Mara), setting out on a mission to save Heaven and Earth. However, his journey becomes increasingly difficult when a vengeful goddess unleashes monstrous forces upon him. 

Even though Heron was created exclusively for Netflix, his demigod capabilities represent the original myths of gods and mortals having children. “Blood of Zeus” aims to give us a unique tale that doesn’t just revolve around the current canon of Greek mythology. You can expect to see demons, giants, automatons, titans, and other mythical creatures like centaurs and wraiths. 

Think “Percy Jackson” but set in the 6th century BC and much darker. Every episode includes some kind of gory violence, ranging from dismemberment to burning to general violent fights between gods. 

This Netflix original series was first released back in 2020 with eight episodes in total. Four years later season 2 hits the small screen and includes another eight episodes you can stream now. 

What critics are saying about 'Blood of Zeus'

Critics and audiences have been especially kind to “Blood of Zeus”. It currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with a high audience score of 86%, making it one of the best animated series on Netflix. 

Eric Francisco from Inverse said: “Gorgeous and violent, Blood of Zeus reveals where the emerging scene of American-made anime is headed.” Meanwhile, Observer’s Christopher L. Inoa pays special attention to the violence by saying: “As in Castlevania, this series unleashes an over-abundance of bloody violence and gore. Gods, giants, humans, and even birds meet gruesome ends; this series' specialty seems to be death by bifurcation.” 

Other critics particularly enjoyed the intense but deep storytelling. Shah Shahid from Comic Years believes that the “hierarchy of the Gods and their own personal drama, fuelled by the looming demonic threat, and even more backstory is really where Blood Of Zeus excels.” Decider’s John Serba also joins in on the praise: “Weaves in snatches of horror and is boosted by its crisp, clean animation, quick pace, snappy editing and creative character design.”

Judging by the impressive audience score, it’s clear the viewers were pleased with the animation style and uniqueness. Some notable comments include “insanely good voice acting” and “a no brainer to watch if you love Greek mythology.”

Should you stream 'Blood of Zeus' on Netflix?

(L to R) Jason O’Mara as Zeus, Claudia Christian as Hera and Fred Tatasciore as Hades in Blood of Zeus season 2 on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

Yes, you should stream “Blood of Zeus” purely because it’s different from other animated series currently on the streaming platform. If you like all things Greek mythology or even enjoyed the recent “Percy Jackson” series on Disney Plus, then you’ll love this animated show (keep in mind it's much darker). 

The high Rotten Tomatoes score proves critics are just as infatuated with the Netflix original as audiences are. Its inspiring animation style, gory action sequences, and charismatic ensemble of characters bring this series to life on the small screen. In fact, season 2 should be even more of a motive to watch it, considering it also has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to critics, the second season is “bigger, bolder, and more brutal.” 

If you’re looking for more, you can check out our guide on the top new shows to stream this week. Planning on binge-watching the hit animated show right away? You can stream both seasons of “Blood of Zeus” on Netflix.  

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