Prime Video’s latest thriller series is a hit — and it’s 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

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What a time to be alive for Prime Video. Of course, this streaming platform has had its fair share of successful shows like “The Boys”, “Invincible” and “Reacher” (with most of them remaining in the top 10), but “Fallout” came along and topped the charts. As it's based on a video game, the worldbuilding is extensive and absolutely glorious (if I do say so myself), but the successes don't stop there. 

Oh no, with the raving success of “Fallout” comes another show that has been winning the hearts and minds of critics. And that show is “Them: The Scare”, which is the second season of the thriller anthology series. Not only is it pleasing audiences, but it currently has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes — a telling sign that this show has handled its themes very well.  

If you’ve seen this anthology series on the platform but are unsure of whether to watch it, we have you covered. Let’s delve into the plot of this series and what critics are currently saying about it.  

What is 'Them: The Scare' about?

“Them: The Scare” takes place in the “Them” universe following season 1, but it doesn’t actually connect directly to that story since the series is an anthology.

The plot for this season focuses on homicide detective Dawn Reeve (Deborah Ayorinde) as she investigates the gruesome murder of a foster home mother. Due to how disturbing the crime scene is, most detectives are left shaken up and terrified. Dawn will stop at nothing to find the killer, but the investigation becomes incredibly difficult when Los Angeles is on the brink of chaos and some malevolent force threatens her family. "Them" is more visceral and deep when it comes to thriller and horror content on other streaming platforms. 

'Them: The Scare' reviews — what the critics are saying

It’s uncommon for movies and shows to get a perfect rating, but when they do, you know every second is worth watching. Prime Video now has another show with a certified fresh distinction after “Fallout”. As of April 29, “Them: The Scare” is 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a high audience score of 91%. 

Tessa Smith from Mama’s Geeky said: “A deeply unsettling, terrifyingly, season that fully embraces the things horror fans love.” Meanwhile, Decider’s Joel Keller believes that “Like the first season of Them, the horror in Them: The Scare is as much about institutional racism than it is about some sort of apparition or monster.” 

“Them: The Scare” deals with many themes such as racism, violence, and trauma, but due to controversy over the level of gore in the first season, this second season has been more cautious. A Geek Community’s Kate Sánchez also agrees that this series is headed in the right direction: “Bolstered by its incredibly gifted actors, Them: The Scare is a terrifying supernatural slasher that moves the anthology to the right track.” 

Of course, not every critic will share the same positive opinion. Jonathan Wilson from Ready Steady Cut said: “Them: The Scare wants to be something, that much is certain, but I’m still not convinced it has any idea what.” 

Should you stream 'Them: The Scare' on Prime Video? 

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If you’re big into the horror and thriller genres, then yes, you should definitely stream “Them: The Scare” on Prime Video. Judging by the positive reviews and perfect Rotten Tomatoes score, you won’t be disappointed. The second season delves more into the narrative and properly fleshes out the characters to make you feel more connected to them. 

As a warning beforehand, though, this anthology series deals with dark themes and includes gore that might not be suitable for everyone. 

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