Norman Reedus teases mind-blowing ‘Daryl Dixon’ season 2 and hints at what's next

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in "The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon"
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Fans of "The Walking Dead" universe have been treated well the past few weeks with an exciting new look at “Daryl Dixon” season 2 and “Dead City”. What’s more is that Norman Reedus, the beloved actor behind Daryl Dixon, has recently dropped some interesting hints about the second season of his spinoff. 

The first season of "Daryl Dixon" was exciting enough, as it achieved success by leveraging the strong appeal of its lead character and placing him in a fresh, post-apocalyptic French setting. We can’t forget about the variant zombies either (although personally, I was frustrated we didn’t see more of them). But it seems as though the second season will pack more of a punch. In a series of exciting teases during an interview with Radio Times, Reedus promised that the new season will blow your mind. 

The finale of season two, the last episode, is the best one-hour of Walking Dead television ever.

Norman Reedus

“Season two is phenomenal. Season one was fun, but season two is, like, mind-blowing. The finale of season two, the last episode, is the best one-hour of Walking Dead television ever, like ever, in everything,” Reedus shared. 

Although we don’t get any exact details on what to expect, this statement alone proves that “Daryl Dixon” season 2 could revive the entire franchise. Reedus viewing the second season so highly is very promising considering he never gives much away. That’s not all though, because he also hinted at what’s next for his show, including the potential locations for seasons 3 and 4. 

“And we’re about to start seasons three and possibly four — possibly four in Spain. I think I’m allowed to say that, but I think we’re going to Spain, to Madrid," Reedus said. 

Going to another location in the “Walking Dead” universe could mean that Daryl doesn’t return home to Alexandria, and his journey will remain outside of America as he faces new threats. Plus, we now have confirmation that season 4 is actually happening, since it was up in the air. Of course, it’s not much information, but it tells a lot about where the story could go after season 2. 

“Daryl Dixon” season 2, titled “The Book of Carol”, will follow Daryl as he struggles with his decision about staying in France. Not only that, but the emergence of Genet (Anne Charrier) sets Pouvoir on a violent collision course with the Union of Hope. Carol (Melissa McBride) will also be joining the show as she fights to find Daryl while confronting old demons, and it seems like a reunion will happen at some point during the season (let's hope sooner rather than later). 

After “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - The Book of Carol” made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, both Reedus and McBride shared some details regarding the upcoming season with The Knockturnal

“It’s a lot about her story trying to find me, a lot of twists and turns and characters that have been on the show in the first season. There’ll be some death, tears, and insane locations. There are a lot of twisted things you wouldn’t expect to happen. It’s kind of the show that I always wanted to make sure we were enjoying,” Reedus said. 

Meanwhile, McBride hinted at her favorite episodes without revealing any details about the spinoff: “I cannot say too much, but episodes four and five are standouts. However, the first episode will really set the motion for Carol’s development for the rest of the season.” 

For now, we’ll have to wait until “Daryl Dixon” season 2 hits the small screen on September 29 to find out whether their claims are true. After the success of the first season, I have high hopes that the next one will take the franchise to a whole new level. 

Refresh your mind by streaming season 1 of “Daryl Dixon” on AMC Plus.  

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