First look at 'The Bear' season 3 in new teaser trailer — and a confirmed release date for all episodes on Hulu

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear TV show
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This month is blessing us with first looks into some highly anticipated movies and TV shows, with trailers being thrown up left, right, and center. “The Bear” season 3 is part of the commotion — and we finally have a small teaser showing us Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy back in the kitchen doing some prep. 

This must-see streaming series follows Carmy Berzatto (White), an award-winning chef who returns home to Chicago to take over his brother’s sandwich shop following his death. Although his skills are impeccable, he finds that managing the chaotic kitchen isn’t so easy, especially with financial complications, stubborn staff, and strained family relationships getting in the way of success. 

Of course, season 2 didn’t end on a very happy note, with Carmy accidentally getting locked in the walk-in refrigerator and venting his problems to who he thought was Tina (Liza Colon-Zayas), but ends up being Claire (Molly Gordon) on the other side of the door. His misplaced anger and frustration revealed that he didn’t want to “provide amusement” to anyone who isn’t related to the restaurant, and Claire, upset to hear this, made herself known before leaving. Carmy calls out to her in shock, realizing he probably just destroyed any chances of finding happiness with her.

Although the teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of the characters and plot, it does give us a confirmed release date. All episodes will stream on FX on Hulu starting June 27, meaning it isn’t much longer until we see the story unfold again on the small screen. Season 3 will also debut on June 27 on Disney Plus in the U.K. and Canada. 

What to expect in season 3

In the forty seconds of footage we see of Carmy being back in the kitchen, he looks considerably distressed after ruining his romance with Claire. This is something we’re probably going to explore more as the season unfolds. We’ll also see more of Sydney’s (Ayo Edebiri) journey in the restaurant, Richie’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) slow transformation as he starts to let go of his ego, and Marcus's (Lionel Boyce) emotional content after the opening. 

Right now, we know the official synopsis for Season 3 is: “Carmy pushes himself harder than ever and demands excellence from his crew, who do their best to match his intensity. Their quest for culinary excellence will propel the crew to new levels and stress the bonds that hold the restaurant together. As the team grows in size, each member will strive to reach a greater level of service within their role.”

The summary continues with: “In the restaurant industry, you’re never on solid ground, and with that ever-changing landscape comes new challenges and opportunities. Our chefs have learned that every second counts, but this season we’ll find out if they have what it takes to make it to tomorrow.”

More details will be revealed in another trailer closer to the release date of June 27. It’s possible we’ll get the proper trailer at the end of May or the beginning of June. While you wait, you can stream the first two seasons of “The Bear” on Hulu or check out the best movies on Hulu in May 2024.

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