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ZephyrEye, Paintball Gaming System

The "Build Your Own Gadget" Club
ZephyrEye, Paintball Gaming System

Created by Brad Nelson

The ZephyrEye is a small electronic gadget, inspired by radar systems in first-person shooters. Using a GPS sensor and long-range transmitters, it can keep track of bases, forts, bunkers, field perimeters, as well as scoring for games such as King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and video game favorites such as Team Slayer from Halo. And, of course, it also shows you where all the players are on the field and the direction they are traveling, with optional settings to show or hide enemy players. Depending on the chosen game-type, players can re-spawn, just like in video games, by returning to a neutral or base location for a preset duration of time. "Dead Men Walking" (or, players that are still on the field but have been shot, hence "dead" and out of bounds) are identified on the radar screen to discourage cheating and to keep players from accidentally shooting non-combatants. It also displays ammo count (usage detected by a microphone), time, and has a basic menu-based messaging system for team direction. You can see more on Brad's blog.

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