Google Invested $3 Million in Cree LED Lightbulbs

Dean Kamen, the man best known for Segway, was at TEDMED 2010 talking about all sorts of cool things.

The one that's closest to being here today is a new LED lightbulb that features lighting technology created by Cree, and produces 450 lumens from a power draw of just 7 watts. It'll retail for $25 and be sold door-to-door through Kamen's FIRST youth program.

Several hundred thousand of these bulbs are already produced, thanks to Google's support of a $3 million investment. It's not quite the Google Lightbulb, but now we know the search giant wants to help you find your stuff with better lighting.

Source: Engadget

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  • serkol
    > LED technology isn't there yet! The only advantage is no mercury.

    That's a big advantage. Other advantages:
    - they last much longer
    - they don't flicker
    - instant full-brightness ON (no warm up time)
    - dimmable
  • KingArcher
    I'd buy it if it gave out at least 1400-1500 lumen for $8.
  • Other Comments
  • alextheblue
    I'll hold out for semi-affordable 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs, thanks. These ones are too dim and too costly for most of my fixtures.
  • nebun
    damn, i guess everyone is jumping on the "be green" bandwagon...i just hope that the light bulb does not steal my passwords, lol
  • festerovic
    7 watts? I could run a server with that.