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Most generous trade-in program – T-Mobile

UPDATED: 23 Tips For Choosing A Carrier

All four major carriers have trade-in Web sites where you can enter the old phone you have and find out its trade-in value. Time constrictions didn't allow for an in-depth test, so we used a simple one: what would the four carriers give for the BlackBerry Torch 9630?

Verizon: $28
AT&T: $34

T-Mobile: $40
Sprint: $28

In the case of the older iPhone, Verizon wouldn't take it, but the other three did. For the iPhone 3GS 16GB:

AT&T: $131.75

T-Mobile: $150

Sprint: $137.86

Of course this is no guarantee that the other phones will be handled different. But of the two, T-Mobile looks to be the most generous.

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