Best Indoor HDTV Antennas of 2015

Cord cutting — casting off the yoke of your cable or satellite TV provider — is ever-more popular these days as people binge watch shows available online. But Netflix and Hulu won't get you everything. To receive free local and live network HDTV channels (including news and sports), simply attach an HD antenna to your TV for as little as $20.

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We tested HD TV antennas in New York City and judged quality based on several factors: total number of channels received, number of major channels (such as network affiliates) received and audio-visual quality. See How We Tested for more details.

Generally, amplified antennas have better reception, but you may be fine with a nonamplified, aka passive, model depending on your location. If stations broadcast within a 20-mile radius of your home, you can probably make do with a passive antenna. If not, an amplified model may help. These antennas usually promise reception within a 50-mile radius. Check the site to see the position of broadcasters in your area.

And try to buy from companies with generous return policies in case you need to try different options (like amplified vs. nonamplified).

Other Notable Models

Beyond the editors' picks are several other models that may better fit your location and budget.

Not Recommended

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  • why don't you test world wide famous digital TV Antenna 'Spectrum"?
    For better Price, Quality and Performances!
  • How do I know how far from a tower I am.
  • I live in Stilwell, ok. We bought a $ 60 antanna and it was not worth it
  • Find out how far you are from the broadcast towers just google