Best Photo Editing Software and Apps

Best Photo Editing Apps (iOS and Android)

We all want our photos to be liked. That's why we spend that extra time tweaking them before sharing them with the world (or just with friends and family). Today's photo-editing apps make it easier than ever to enhance, crop, remove blemishes, add effects and filters, and more. Our top pick overall for photo-editing apps is PicsArt (free for Android, iOS) for its comprehensive photo-editing tools, great filters and good sharing options. The interface is easy to navigate, and context-sensitive tips make it the app to download for editing your photos on the go.

Other photo apps are great for specific use cases, whether you're really keen on social sharing and discovery or you crave powerful adjustment tools. We tested six apps for Android and iOS to help you decide what's worth downloading.

How We Tested

We downloaded each of the apps onto both a Samsung Galaxy S6 Android smartphone and an iPhone 5S. We tested all aspects of each app on both phones, paying close attention to the following:

The interface: How well organized and accessible is it, and how easy or difficult it is to use and master?

Photo taking and import:
Does the camera module offer any added value? What picture sources does the import option support? How easy is it to open your photos in the app?

Photo editing:
How comprehensive, powerful and versatile are the photo tools and the filters? Is it fun to use them? Do they provide good, sensible user controls that enhance creative potential? How difficult are they to master? Does the app offer good and easy-to-access help?

How many social networks are supported? Can you share several pictures to various social networks concurrently? How easy is it to share your pictures?

We gave photo editing a weight that was greater than or equal to all the other aspects combined when calculating our ratings, because the whole purpose of these apps is to edit your pictures.

Other Photo Editing Apps Reviewed

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