You can finally make Claude 3 shut up — Anthropic adds stop button to its chatbot

Claude 3
(Image credit: Anthropic)

Anthropic has finally released on of the most asked for features for Claude 3, bringing it inline with similar offerings from Google Gemini and OpenAI ChatGPT.

Claude 3 AI chatbot will now offer a "stop generating" option to cut it off mid-flow if you get the information you need - or just don't want to deal with it anymore.

As shared by Alex Albert, Anthropic's prompt engineer on X, the update was borne from "countless requests" from users. Albert jokes that it's Claude 3's "most important and revolutionary feature yet", with a screen capture showing Claude 3 being asked to write a "really long, boring story" that "goes on and on and on".

Claude obliges, and after a couple of paragraphs is stopped by the new "stop generating" command and waits ready to receive another prompt. That's in contrast to prior versions which needed Claude 3 to finish its generative process before being ready to do anything else.

What next for Claude 3?

As much as Albert's post is very tongue-in-cheek, this could save a lot of processing power given how resource-intensive AI generation can be.

At present, you'd need to let Claude 3 finish its generation, which for complex tasks that can actually be answered within the first paragraph means a lot of wasted effort on the chatbot's behalf.

You can now interrupt Claude's yapping with our new stop generation button!

Alex Albert

We've previously written about how Claude 3 is the most human-like chatbot out there, and this is certainly a never step in Anthropic's plan to make it much more organic.

Still, from the responses to Albert's post on X, there's more to come. One user asked if "editing user messages", presumably by adjusting prompts mid-generation, would be coming.

Albert responded with the "Soon" emoji, joking that the team "doesn't want to drop too many revolutionary features at once."

Are you ready to interrupt your chatbot, or change your mind while it works? Then Claude 3 might be best for you.

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