Windows Phone Store Receives 75,000 Apps in 2012

Microsoft said that its Windows Phone store received 75,000 apps during 2012, while 300,000 updates were applied to existing applications.

In a post on the Windows Phone developers' blog, the company said it had published enough apps to double the pre-existing slate during this calendar year.

Microsoft revealed that Windows Phone owners are, on average, downloading 54 apps to their smartphones, which was partly due to the improved lineup of apps and the new Windows Phone Store shopping experience. The search engine giant also said it published 300,000 updates to existing apps.

"Over the last year we've made a lot of discovery enhancements including Bing-powered search and smart lists, as well as new collections and recommendations for Windows Phone 8 customers," said Todd Brix, senior director of the Windows Phone app team.

Brix also stressed that 85 percent of Windows Phone users opted for applications that makes use of functioning Live Tiles, which delivers information to the Start Screen.

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  • Cryio
    If only the desktop Modern apps were getting the same treatment. People, Mail and Skype are still really lacking in functionality. Going at this slow rate up updating and making a really fun and easy experience, it's not hard to imagine why the Surface isn't selling, yet the Windows 8 phones are selling like cakes (for Windows Phones I mean).
  • reprotected
    I'm sick and tired of these bias pro-Apple articles. Seriously Tom's Hardware, stop posting crap like this. Oh wait...
  • halcyon
    I wonder if ANY of those 75K apps is desirable.