Nintendo to Cut Price of Wii to $150?

Nintendo is rumored to be dropping the price of its wildly popular motion-gaming console, the Wii, by $50. This would bring the current price of $200 down to $150. Engadget cites a trusted source that says the price will fall on May 15, a little over four weeks from now. At $150, the Wii would be a full hundred dollars cheaper than the just-released 3DS.

With Wii sales dropping, it’s hard to pass this rumor off as pre-E3 gossip. Microsoft and Sony both offer gamers a motion-sensing alternative to the Wii in the form of an add-on peripheral -- an appealing option for those who also like their more hardcore console games. Still, that could be Nintendo’s angle here: If Kinect, Move and the Wii are all around the same price, the Wii becomes less of a console in and of itself and more of an extra for those who just want to add a little motion-gaming to the mix.

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  • Anonymous
    Sorry, not having HD is a real deal-breaker for me even with the $150 price tag
  • kinggraves
    Price drops usually come before the next generation console. This year's E3 might have some surprises after all.
  • captaincharisma
    i hope they do so then MS will drop the price of the xbox arcade to the same price and then i can finally buy an xbox at the price its was always worth.