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You Can Now Get an Undergrad Degree in Social Media

By - Source: via Gizmodo | B 8 comments

Newberry COolege in South Carolina is introducing the major via its Arts and Communications department.

Are you a self-confessed Facebook or Twitter addict? It's okay, you're not alone. Plenty of people admit to spending far too much time on Facebook or posting way too many tweets to the popular microblogging site. But did you know you can turn your habit into a degree? Because Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina now allows students to major in social media. The school announced the new major earlier this month, detailing that it will be offered through its Department of Arts and Communications. 

"Newberry has something that very few colleges have to offer, an exciting major that will prepare graduates to be pioneers in a cutting edge industry that will create critical thinkers and innovators," said Tania Sosiak, Associate Professor of Graphic Design and Social Media and founder of the new program. "I feel that a graduate from our program will be more competitive in the marketplace, said Sosiak. "Students will be able to do many things both analytically and creatively. Collect and study data, market, create, design, broadcast and develop are just some of the skills a graduate will have as a part of their social media toolbox."

Newberry College says the social media major will be an 'original interdisciplinary program' that capitalizes on the strengths of existing courts in graphic design, business admin, psychology, and statistics. In addition, the curriculum includes four courses created specifically for the social media major.
The course will see students work to develop marketing and branding strategies for projects including corporate, non-profit, entertainment, sports, news and politics.

Though it sounds silly at first, a degree in social media could soon be pretty common. Social media is a powerful tool, and most businesses' strategies include social media in some form (whether it's for marketing or customer support). The likes of Twitter and Facebook are valuable tools for businesses and folks that know how to leverage those services for marketing and communications purposes are worth their weight in gold.

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Top Comments
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    Titanius , December 13, 2012 12:51 PM
    "Want fries with that?"
Other Comments
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    Titanius , December 13, 2012 12:51 PM
    "Want fries with that?"
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    Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer , December 13, 2012 1:04 PM
    "Newberry COolege"?
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    gigantor21 , December 13, 2012 1:31 PM
    Don't many people already have degrees in Social Media already? I saw a ton of people studying on Facebook in college.
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    COLGeek , December 13, 2012 2:12 PM
    Now this will be "useful" in the real world. Good luck with that "degree".
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    Anonymous , December 13, 2012 3:42 PM
    I've pretty much learned that, if a degree has the word "social" attached, it's useless in the business world. Only reason to take it is personal interest (and there's nothing wrong with that, just don't plan on marketing the degree).
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    f-14 , December 13, 2012 5:43 PM
    you can get a degree to be a clown and a mime also. it means about as much to an employer as a degree in nose picking.

    to those of you buying a degree in social media i have some ocean front property in nevada to sell you also! i even have a sweet deal on a used car that burns no oil and needs 0 gasoline as it doesn't have an engine, for a mere $500 extra i can even make it green as a Flinstone mobile.
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    anti-painkilla , December 13, 2012 11:35 PM
    It should be an off set of marketing and not an individual degree.
  • 2 Hide
    10tacle , December 14, 2012 12:03 AM
    So when people get this degree and whine that they can't get jobs and are stuck with $80k in student loan debts, are they going to join the Occupy Wall Street crowd and demand that American taxpayers bail them out and pay off their loans while they wait tables?
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