No Lie: Nintendo Publishing Digital Romance Novels

Say it's not true! Nintendo is publishing romance novels? Apparently that's the case, as a joint effort between Nintendo and Genius Sonority isn't another Pokemon title, but a series of digital Harlequin Romance novels for the DS called Love Stories for Adults: DS Harlequin Selection. Go ahead and cry... it's alright. reports that this batch of saucy romance ebooks is set to hit Japan on February 25, eleven days after Valentine's Day. The collection will span 28 novels originally published by Harlequin, and 5 novels that never made it to print. While we were unaware that romance novels had "genres," the variety includes Passion, Tender, Suspense, Historical, and more.

Despite the mushy content, the ebook reader itself sounds rather cool, offering a character relation chart that's updated as you progress through the novels, a search glossary of terms and names, and even provides background music that sets the "atmosphere." The ebook reader also allows you to adjust the font size and record your thoughts by selecting keywords.

Additionally, the official website sports the Wi-Fi Connection logo. This may indicate that readers can purchase additional romance novels from within the ebook reader. The Nintendo DS also offers an additional ebook collection called The 100 Classic Book Collection which is only available in Britain. Hey, American gamers like to read too... sometimes.

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  • aletoil
    I wonder when this is gonna fappen.
  • megamanx00
    I have only one thing to say........

  • rbarone69
    LOL, I wonder if they will have a Japanese Fabio on the case!!! As he appears on the screen and does a butter commercial.