Windows Phone Marketing Boss Leaves After Five Months

Last November, Samsung’s vice president of consumer and enterprise services Gavin Kim left the company to join Microsoft. He took on the role of general manager of Windows Phone marketing, making him responsible for bringing company's mobile platform to the eyes of consumers and partners. His efforts included the recent "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign which led to a little controversy surrounding a Galaxy Nexus owner who actually beat the challenge, but was denied a prize.

But now just five months after taking the Microsoft job, Gavin Kim has left the company for unknown reasons. "We can confirm that Gavin Kim has made a personal decision to leave Microsoft," a Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet in a statement. "We feel very good about the work he has done to set the team, and its new lead Eugene Ho, up for success. We wish him all the best."

Back in November, Kim told BGR that his goal would be to win the hearts and minds of consumers, carriers, device manufacturers, developers and partners. "In my experience, there is an already fervent base of Windows Phone supporters out there and they all get it," he said in an interview. "They are passionate, and already very vocal about it … so, it is really my new job to make sure we reflect that message clearly in our product and marketing collaborations with all of our partners to create more Windows Phone believers."

Prior to his position at Microsoft, Kim was a key figure on the Samsung executive team. He worked closely with former chief technology officer Omar Khan and helped introduce new products and services to the world including the recent Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9/10.1. Yet despite his successes at Samsung, he seemed ecstatic about working with Microsoft and Windows Phone. Even more, he was eager to make Windows Phone a top choice among consumers.

"Each time a consumer goes to buy a smartphone from a carrier or retail store, Windows Phone has to be on their short list," he said in the interview. "And, with the Windows Phone 7.5 release, I think Microsoft is closing the gap rapidly and removing all doubt about their place in mobile."

But as stated by Microsoft, Kim will be replaced by Eugene Ho. So far Kim hasn't released a separate statement explaining his sudden departure. However Samsung hinted to the possibility of working with him again when he originally left the company back in November.

"Gavin Kim has departed Samsung Mobile and we look forward to working with him in the future," Samsung Mobile said at the time. "In his new capacity, he will continue to be part of the larger Samsung family through our partnership with Microsoft."

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  • jaquith
    Good riddance, don't let the door slap you in the ass as you leave!
  • Zingam_Duo
    Go! Go! Only an idiot would buy a phone labeled "Windows"

    For anybody who can read German.

    An European mobile carrier says basically that Nokia Lumia would sell much easier if it were Android. :D
  • hoofhearted
    At least he didn't get fired by Microsoft since he got smoked by an Android phone.