Facebook Used on 86 Percent of iOS Devices

Social networking giant Facebook is used on 86 percent of all devices powered by Apple's iOS mobile platform.

A November 2012 study by NPD sought to discover the most popular apps on iOS and Android, which found that the top app in the iOS ecosystem is Facebook, while Google dominates the top spots for Android.

The study delved into the "reach" of a number of apps on each platform. As well as topping the iOS chart, Facebook, which is rumored to be revealing a smartphone based on the social network soon, is also 4th on the Android chart with a 70 percent reach on the platform. YouTube, meanwhile, has a 40 percent reach on iOS.

Elsewhere, Google, Gmail and Google Maps dominated the top three on top apps used on Android, while Amazon, App Trailer, App Nana, Twitter, eBay, Pandora and WordsWithFriends rounded out the top 10 for most-used iOS apps.


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  • jankeke
    Why would so many people want to polute their devices with facebook ?
  • christarp
    jankekeWhy would so many people want to polute their devices with facebook ?

    idk man im right there with you. Facebook is practically the devil, i mean as im sitting here in the dark with nothing but my underwear on downing cheetos by the dozen, all I can be thankful of is that I don't have any filthy access to the real world. It's so tsundere, who needs friends when you have a life size pillow of lucy from elfen lied to cuddle with.

    I actually once got a friend request from someone on facebook, and I didn't even know the person! Can you believe it? Why would someone want to friend someone that they didn't know? Anyway, my social anxiety triggered immediately, what do I do? Block them? Not respond? Decline their request? Send them a message saying I do not know them and I don't want them in my life? I couldn't handle the stresses of basic human interaction, and then with the devil company facebook itself trying to shove their apps down my throat to monitor everything that happens in my feed? That was the last straw, never went back to facebook ever since, the users of toms have taught me that lesson and shown me the light (metaphorically speaking, I don't actually open my blinds).

    Facebook is the plague of the century, it's disgusting really. Eugh, humans are the biggest waste of life ever, there needs to be another mass extinction on this earth.
  • Anonymous
    It's pretty funny that 15% of Android users have removed Google from their phone. It makes sense though, the Google "app" is just a transparent link to a web browser, and only tech users with actual stuff on their phone's file system (i.e. much less than 85% of all users) would use it to find local content.

    Google must also be front-loading the G+ app onto users, because I can't imagine that 24% of Android users are at all active (or even have a non-stock account).

    Generally, it looks like iOS users have lots of social networking and shopping apps, and Android users have 6 different apps to go to Google and antivirus (lol). From this snapshot, it looks like Android is a closed ecosystem and iOS users are free to interact with the rest of the world.