3D Print Yourself In Life Size For $28,550

Ever wish you had your own statue like one of those at Madame Tussaud's? If you have $28,500 to spare, you can. Chinese company Pinla3D lets you 3D print a life-sized statue of yourself, which, according to the company's promotional material, will be even brighter than the stars. At a price of RMB175,000 ($28,550) each though, you might have to be a superstar to afford it. 

If you're undeterred by the price and want to order a 3D printed clone from Pinla3D, you'll have to go to one of the company's 11 stores in China, with locations in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. There, you get a full body scan in two to five minutes with one of Pinla3D's handheld scanners. Choose from 15 sizes -- from 3.9 inches high for $163 to $28,550 for a life-sized clone (according to 3DPrint.com) -- and four different outfit choices to print your clone in. Two weeks later, the company will have your twin ready for pickup. 

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Keeping your 3D printed buddy in tip top shape requires a lot of care. You can't leave it exposed in direct sunlight, and have to keep it in a dry environment. Pinla3D provides a box so you can easily stow away your statue under a bed or in a closet. To keep it clean, Pinla3D suggests using a dry tissue to gently wipe or dust the surface. The company also offers free maintenance for every 3D printed model it sells, but you'll have to send it to the nearest Pinla3D store yourself. Be careful not to let your clone fall over though, since its ceramic-like material makes it very fragile.

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