This month's best new workout music to boost your motivation, according to a fitness editor

Charli xcx performing onstage at the Thrive With Pride concert in 2021
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It's the start of a new month, which means we can take a look back at the best new workout music released in June 2024 to help soundtrack your exercise and keep you motivated throughout the summer months.

I have a set of the best workout headphones glued to my ears every time I start exercising, and I spend a lot of time looking out for tracks that help boost my motivation, especially during the warmer months. 

As the skies are brighter and the days are longer, the track list is more dance-heavy this month as people get into the festival mood, start dancing and spend more time exercising and running outside. 

So, whether you're looking to add variety to your playlist, need some new tracks to keep you moving, or want to ditch your streaming service's automated workout playlists, I've rounded up my favorite new workout music that dropped this month.  

Talk Talk - Charli xcx

Charli xcx - Talk talk (official lyric video) - YouTube Charli xcx - Talk talk (official lyric video) - YouTube
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Taken from "Brat", Charli xcx's latest album, "Talk talk" details the first moments of her relationship with The 1975 drummer, George Daniel. But you don't need to worry about that, as the lyrics repeat the "talk talk" refrain over a dance-pop-inspired instrumental that runs at 130 beats per minute (bpm), which is ideal for exercise. 

Pleasure On My Mind (Edit) - Marie Davidson

Pleasure On My Mind (Edit) - YouTube Pleasure On My Mind (Edit) - YouTube
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Described as "very danceable" by music analysis site SongBPM, "Pleasure On My Mind (Edit)" speeds along at 137 bpm and is best suited to high-intensity workouts or spin sessions on your exercise bike. Although launched as a single, Davidson hasn't released an album since 2020, so a new full-length record could be on the cards. 

In The Silence - Harvey M

Harvey M - In The Silence (official lyric video) - YouTube Harvey M - In The Silence (official lyric video) - YouTube
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"In The Silence" drops just below 130 bpm, coming in at 128 bpm, but the heavy bass line propels you forward to keep momentum in your training, but with a few quieter moments, this track would make an ideal warm-up to get yourself hyped for your training or for lower intensity activities like jogging. 

Drift - Mall Grab, Flansie, Sunnysoposted

Mall Grab, Flansie, Sunnysoposted — Drift - YouTube Mall Grab, Flansie, Sunnysoposted — Drift - YouTube
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This track from Australian producer Mall Grab retains his house-inspired aesthetic but is heavily indebted to the sounds and production of the late-90s and early 2000s dance scene. At 139 bpm, it's a great track for high-energy workouts and the four-minute runtime really flies by. 

All The Mels - Melle Brown

Melle Brown - All The Mels (Official Audio) - YouTube Melle Brown - All The Mels (Official Audio) - YouTube
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The 90s revival continues with Melle Brown's latest, "All The Mels." On Instagram, she described it as "inspired by infectious dance floor moments I’ve witnessed, and stories I’ve heard of 90’s club culture from family & friends." It's full of energy, makes you want to move your body, and reaches 129 bpm. 

Girls - TSHA, Rose Gray

TSHA, Rose Gray - 'Girls' (Official Audio) - YouTube TSHA, Rose Gray - 'Girls' (Official Audio) - YouTube
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London-based producer TSHA described her latest single as a "summer club anthem all about having fun with [your] besties" on her Instagram. If you're a fan of dance workouts, this 128bpm track is a perfect companion, plus it can easily pull double-duty for your next party playlist. 


METTE - MUSCLE (Audio) - YouTube METTE - MUSCLE (Audio) - YouTube
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How could I not include a song called "Muscle" in a workout music roundup? Fortunately, METTE's extremely danceable song (128 bpm) justifies its place here, with a driving bass line that owes a lot to Dua Lipa's disco-inspired work. Okay, so it's not lyrically about exercise, but since when did everything have to be literal?

U Know Me? - Tibasko

U Know Me? - YouTube U Know Me? - YouTube
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Interestingly, SongBPM reckons this is an "extremely emotional song" and has "high energy" coming in at 140bpm. It does give end-of-night vibes — the one last euphoric dance before the lights come on. Save this one for the big, high-intensity push you need to get through to the end of your workout without letting up. 

Olopa - Youngs Teflon

Youngs Teflon - Olopa (Official Video) - YouTube Youngs Teflon - Olopa (Official Video) - YouTube
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A lot of this month's tracks are perfect for high-intensity workouts, but hip hop is an ideal soundtrack to weight training, as this single from London rapper Youngs Teflon attests. At 99 bpm, it's one of the slower tempo songs on this list, but that makes it good for the slow, controlled movements you need to work your muscles with proper form. 

Deep Diving - Hayden James, SHELLS

Hayden James - Deep Diving feat. SHELLS (Official Visualizer) - YouTube Hayden James - Deep Diving feat. SHELLS (Official Visualizer) - YouTube
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"Deep Diving" has a driving lower end and clocks in at 128bpm, so it treads the line between high-intensity workouts, warm ups, and weight lifting sessions. You won't find your mind drifting off in the vocals, which means you can keep your focus on your training, but with the bass pushing you forward towards the finish line. 

Dance With Me - Tones And I

"Dance With Me" takes the funk-pop foundations laid on Tone And I's breakthrough single, "Monkey Dance" and picks up the pace, jumping from 98 bpm up to 128 bpm. It's more of a straight pop song than others in the list, but the sparkling, bright music really helps boost your mood — ideal for when you need a pre-workout pick-me-up. 

The Line - Sarah Story

Sarah Story - The Line [Stories] - YouTube Sarah Story - The Line [Stories] - YouTube
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House music YouTube channel Eton Messy says that Sarah Story's "The Line" is a the track "perfectly captures the essence of carefree days and sweaty club nights." There's a piano line that propels the song along at 128 bpm, and the repeating riffs make it easy to find your rhythm while working out. 

Top 10 Statues That Cried Blood - Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon - Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd (Official Video) - YouTube Bring Me The Horizon - Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd (Official Video) - YouTube
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I'm stretching the definition of June here (the song dropped on May 24th), but I've had it on repeat for weeks. Taken from the band's latest album, "POST HUMAN: NeX GEn," it has an infectious chorus that you can shout along to. And if you'd heard that BMTH were a metal band, their sound is a lot more accessible these days, with Tom's Guide's AI Editor, Ryan Morrison, describing the track as "heavy pop punk."

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