Drop the barbell — you just need 4 moves and a pair of dumbbells to sculpt your upper body

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One of the best pieces of equipment you can use to build muscle in your arms, more specifically your biceps and triceps, are some dumbbells. If you can get your hands on some and are looking to make some upper body gains, we highly suggest you try out this efficient four move routine.

Dumbbells are effective for biceps and triceps training due to their versatility in allowing a wide range of motion and the ability to isolate each muscle group effectively through certain exercises. They also engage the stabilizing muscles, helping to promote functional strength in the arms.

Before you start, make sure to pick a weight size that you feel comfortable working through each exercise with. If you are looking to build muscle then you will want to look into increasing the weight size as you work through the sets. In this case you will need access to more than one dumbbell option. Alternatively, if you own a pair of the best adjustable dumbbells, these are even better for home workouts. They allow you to implement progressive overload into your training from just one set of weights, making them a more space efficient piece of equipment for your home.

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What is the bicep and tricep workout?


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This is just a four-move workout. This might not sound a lot but you will be working with sets and reps, recommended by Hayley Madigan, the fitness coach behind this dumbbell routine.

You can view Madigan demonstrating each exercise below in the video which shows how to perform each move with correct form. Proper form ensures that the targeted muscles are effectively stimulated while minimizing strain on joints and supporting muscles, leading to safer and more efficient workouts.

The workout begins with hammer curls, a compound movement that engages multiple muscles, including the biceps and forearms. This exercise sets the foundation for upper arm strength and definition, promoting hypertrophy with its moderate rep range and multiple sets.

Following hammer curls, overhead tricep extensions shift the focus to the triceps, providing a thorough workout for the muscles on the back of the upper arm. This exercise not only strengthens the triceps but also engages stabilizing muscles in the shoulders and core, contributing to overall upper body stability and strength.

Bicep 21's add a little twist (and challenge!) to the routine by incorporating different curl variations within a single set. The high-repetition format of Bicep 21's enhances muscular endurance while stimulating muscle growth. Finally, tricep kickbacks serve as a finishing touch to the triceps workout, isolating and contracting the triceps muscles. This exercise helps to balance muscle development in the arms and improves overall upper body strength and definition.

Incorporating upper body training into your fitness routine is essential for achieving a balanced physique and enhancing functional strength. Strong biceps and triceps not only contribute to a sculpted appearance but also support daily activities and athletic performance. So, why not pick your dumbbells and give this a shot?

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