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Holographic 3D Maps Now for Sale

True holographic 3-D video may still be at its nascent stages, especially the kind the doesn't need goggles. However, kind of holography used on those funky hologram stickers of your youth can do a lot these days. Take Zebra Imaging, for example. Their Zscape digital prints provide fully parallax 3-D still images of a cityscape.

Zebra Imaging achieves this by cramming thousands of images into one holographic plate. Simply aim any halogen or LED light source onto the plate, and you're treated to a glasses-free, true 3-D view. Zebra can even fudge a bit of "movement" by inserting varying images at specific angles, as seen below:

All this amazing 3-D goodness comes at a price: Zscape prints cost $1,500 for a single 12x18-inch holographic plate, and $3,500 for one that's 2x3 feet. That's a bit pricey for the average Joe, but well within any corporate budget.

[source: Zebra Imaging via Engadget]