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New Xbox 360 is Actually Called the Xbox 360 'S'

When Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox 360 just before E3, it called it… the Xbox 360. No, not slim, or mini, or nano; it was just the Xbox 360. The older model is termed the Original Xbox 360.

We suppose that calling it slim would be inaccurate because it's not really that much slimmer. And Sony didn't do much to call the new, smaller PS3 anything different (other than lean more heavily on the PS3 name rather than calling it a "PLAYSTATION 3").

Now that the new Xbox 360 consoles are hitting stores, we wanted to share with you one observation about the new console. Even though Microsoft is still calling it the same name as old, the sticker on the back shows clearly that it's the Xbox 360 S – perhaps taking a page out of Porsche naming conventions.

Check out the picture below that was taken by AnandTech.